Valley News Forum for Aug. 26, 2023: Keep PragerU out of NH’s education system

Published: 08-26-2023 6:13 AM

Keep PragerU out of NH education

Throughout this summer, we watched as Florida’s education system quickly became embroiled with a far-right media company, PragerU. PragerU advertises itself as an “education” and “entertainment’’ company with content that they claim is essential to shaping culture and preserving American ideals. These claims are far from the truth.

PragerU’s videos advance an aggressively conservative agenda. Videos on the PragerU website target elementary school-aged kids that include anti-LGBTQ+ content and that fossil fuels are the safest and cleanest energy source.

Recently New Hampshire Republicans attempted to bring PragerU into our school systems by implementing a proposal that would allow high school students to receive academic credit with PragerU content. This effort was spearheaded by education commissioner Frank Edelblut who advised the New Hampshire State Board of Education to sign off on the proposal. After much public protest, the Board of Education decided to table the PragerU proposal until September.

If the board decides to approve this proposal, we are at risk for this politically motivated content to proliferate in our schools. We must let Republicans and Commissioner Edelbut know that New Hampshire is not Florida. PragerU’s curriculum does not belong in our state.

Lianne Moccia


Automated reply

I have a comment regarding the business article “Half of Americans expect to lose jobs to automation” published in the Aug. 18 Valley News (Page B3).

If businesses continue to try to increase their profit margins by replacing paid workers with automation, in the future whom exactly do they expect to sell their products to?

Stephen D. Raymond