Prosecutor won’t pursue charges against Dartmouth student journalists

Published: 05-09-2024 4:41 PM

HANOVER — The State of New Hampshire is declining to press charges against two student journalists arrested for being on the Dartmouth Green during a pro-Palestinian protest last week, according to The Dartmouth student newspaper.

Mariana Pastore, the Hanover Police Department’s prosecutor, on Tuesday motioned the Second Circuit Court to remove bail conditions imposed on Charlotte Hampton, an editor and reporter, and Alesandra “Dre” Gonzales, a reporter and photographer, according to a story published in The D on Wednesday.

Pastore’s filing came the same day Dartmouth President Sian Bielock wrote, in letter to the community, “the student journalists for The Dartmouth who were on the Green to report on the protests should not have been arrested for doing their jobs. We are working with local authorities to ensure this error is corrected.”

The two students had faced charges of criminal trespass after their arrest during the protest on the Green on May 1. They were among 89 people who were arrested on the Green that night. The terms of their bail had barred them from the Green, Parkhurst Hall — the president’s office — as well as the president’s residence, according to The Dartmouth.

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