Electrical Fire Forces Evacuation at South Royalton School

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

South Royalton — A small electrical fire forced administrators to evacuate the South Royalton School Tuesday afternoon.

Principal Dean Stearns said there was a fire in a light fixture, which caused a hallway to fill with smoke. The fire self-extinguished and there was no damage.

However, school administrators made the decision to send students home early out of safety and other concerns, and issued out an automated telephone and email message.

The contents of that message caused some confusion among parents, Stearns acknowledged.

The message stated that students who ride the bus would be arriving home an hour early and that parents who pick up their children should do so promptly at the Red Door Church in South Royalton. The message didn’t contain the reason why the students were being released early, provoking alarm.

“The message was unfortunately hastily drafted,” Stearns said. “(I) dropped the ball.”

He said he would be more specific in the future.