School notes for Monday, Feb. 5

Published: 02-04-2024 7:33 AM


The following Upper Valley residents were named to the dean’s list at University of New Hampshire at Manchester for the fall 2023 semester: Keith Ott, Claremont, biotechnology, highest honors; Connor Dodge, Meriden, electrical engineering technology, honors; Caleb Hazelton, Plainfield, computer science, highest honors; and Felicia Arista, Chelsea, biological sciences, honors.

Margot Davis, of Etna, made the president’s list at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash., for the fall 2023 semester.

Jenny Tuthill, of West Hartford, made the dean’s list at Washburn University in Topeka, Kan.

The following Upper Valley residents have been named to the dean’s list at the University of New Hampshire in Durham for the fall 2023 semester: Philip R. Charbonneau, Canaan, highest honors; Abigail R. Swanson, Canaan, highest honors; Gwendolyn Sweeney, Canaan, highest honors; Jesse M. Tucker, Canaan, highest honors; Cardigan Loupis, Canaan, high honors; Peter M. Michelson, Canaan, high honors; Samuel P. Oppel, Canaan, honors; Alexis T. Richer, Canaan, honors; Olivia Bean, Enfield, highest honors; Laura Henry, Enfield, highest honors; Brandy L. Hollis, Enfield, highest honors; Samantha K. Rizzo, Enfield, high honors; Chase K. Johnson, Enfield, honors; Bowen E. Mather, Grafton, highest honors; Philip J. Mather, Grafton, highest honors; Shay A. Belisle, Grafton, honors; Kara E. Wittmann, Hanover, highest honors; Helga T. Einarsdottir, Hanover, high honors; Fabienne M. Maitre, Hanover, high honors; Hudson Charles, Hanover, honors; Matthias A. Einarsson, Hanover, honors; Logan J. Wahrenberger, Hanover, honors; Mackenzie C. Greger, Lebanon, highest honors; Amalia Hickey, Lebanon, highest honors; Alice D. Truong, Lebanon, highest honors; Diego Luis C. Dela Cruz, Lebanon, high honors; Ella R. Dulac, Lebanon, high honors; Jackson A. Fisher, Lebanon, high honors; Ava C. Knoll, Lebanon, high honors; Gavin E. O’Keefe, Lebanon, high honors; Anthony A. Sanville, Lebanon, honors; Layla W. Hanissian, Lyme, highest honors; Jada Rich, Lebanon, highest honors; Sammy P. Sarkis, North Haverhill, highest honors; Anna R. Peart, North Haverhill, highest honors; Riley I. Restelli, North Haverhill, high honors; Lilah A. Flynn, North Haverhill, honors; Jaida D. Michetti, Orange, highest honors; Chauncey A. Wood, Orford, highest honors; Kimberly A. Underhill, Piermont, highest honors; Thomas W. Berthasavage, West Lebanon, highest honors; Andrew J. Dannehy, West Lebanon, highest honors; Sally A. Rainey, West Lebanon, highest honors; Jonathan W. Willeman, West Lebanon, honors; Samuel E. Boulton, New London, highest honors; Paul Dattoli, New London, highest honors; Courtney K. Goodwin, New London, highest honors; Marissa T. Montagna, New London, highest honors; Evan A. Pauling, New London, highest honors; Kyle F. Goodwin, high honors; Rebecca L. MacDowell, New London, high honors; Troy M. Utton, Charlestown, highest honors; Kidan Nelson, Charlestown, honors; Ilya K. Gruenbaum, Claremont, highest honors; Catherine A. Herbert, Claremont, highest honors; Rylee A. Little, Claremont, highest honors; Jessica E. Marro, Claremont, highest honors; Keith Ott, Claremont, highest honors; Michelle A. Premo, Claremont, highest honors; Michelle L. Springer-Blake, Claremont, highest honors; Caitlin A. Stapleton, Claremont, highest honors; Michele Thomas, Claremont, highest honors; Sarah J. Wood, Claremont, highest honors; Laiken K. Becker, Claremont, high honors; Zoey E. Foote, Claremont, honors; Andrea J. Hart, Claremont, honors; Hannah L. Miller, Claremont, honors; Emily A. Vire, Claremont, honors; Elias M. Boyington, Cornish, highest honors; Kendra M. Cunningham, Cornish, highest honors; Chloe E. Jaarsma, Cornish, highest honors; Jordyn E. Sargent, Cornish, highest honors; Jenna M. Bonneau, Cornish, high honors; Sean P. Kelliher, Cornish, honors; Ryan J. Rechisky, Georges Mills, highest honors; Jackson C. Scheele, Georges Mills, highest honors; Suzanne M. Blish, Grantham, highest honors; Alexa B. Bonenfant, Grantham, highest honors; Nathaniel H. Brown, Grantham, highest honors; Allison L. Carl, Grantham, highest honors; William G. Cleaveland, Grantham, highest honors; Delaney G. DeShane, Grantham, highest honors; Kayleigh M. Eastman, Grantham, highest honors; Joshua S. Merriam, Grantham, highest honors; Reine Gabrielle R. Garcia, high honors, Grantham; John Newton, Grantham, honors; Maia M. Garfield, Meriden, high honors; Samuel C. Twarog, Meriden, high honors; Connor A. Dodge, Meriden, honors; Rachel M. Lester, Newport, highest honors; Jasmyn R. Wilkinson, Newport, highest honors; Timothy M. Fratzel, Newport, high honors; Ayesha M. Nezamabadi, Newport, high honors; Darren P. Janicke, Newport, honors; Jagger P. Lovely, Newport, honors; Carter F. Cassedy, Plainfield, highest honors; Caleb L. Hazelton, Plainfield, highest honors; Ella J. Longacre, Plainfield, highest honors; Kayla A. Taber, Plainfield, highest honors; Anne S. Bonner, Plainfield, honors; Jessica L. Cota, Springfield, N.H., highest honors; Noah Munholand, Springfield, N.H., highest honors; Ezra Munholand, Springfield, N.H., high honors; Noell L. Bergeron, Sunapee, highest honors; Quinn Fair, Sunapee, highest honors; Mikayla Passage, Sunapee, highest honors; Dylan R. Jones, Sunapee, high honors; Elizabeth C. Nichols, Sunapee, highest honors; Matthew R. Tschudin, Sunapee, highest honors; Brooke E. Brown, Sunapee, honors; Sarah Golubiewski, Sunapee, honors; Mason V. McDonald, Sunapee, honors; Dylan T. Murphy, Sunapee, honors; Aaron Beaudin, Bradford, Vt., highest honors; Angela Terino, Hartland, high honors; Eli Silovich, Strafford, honors; Angelica Morrison, Thetford Center, high honors; Amanda Kosakowski, West Newbury, highest honors; Dalton Clifford, Windsor, honors; and Kelly Gebhardt, Woodstock, high honors.

Dawson Bates, of West Lebanon, made the dean’s list at Nichols College in Dudley, Mass., for the fall 2023 semester.