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Contact the Newsroom

Welcome! This page is for contacting editors, reporters and photographers.

Keep scrolling for information on how to:

  • request a correction,
  • contact the news, opinion, features or photo departments,
  • submit a calendar event,
  • submit wedding/engagement/birth announcement,
  • request a photo or story reprint, or 
  • access our newsroom employee directory.

For other inquiries:

Newsroom careers:

Mission statement

The mission of the Valley News newsroom is to connect, engage, inform and give voice to our Upper Valley neighbors.

Our coverage area

Prior to contacting the newsroom, please check that your event falls within our coverage area.

Barnard, VT Canaan, NH
Bethel, VT Charlestown, NH
Bradford, VT Claremont, NH
Bridgewater, VT Cornish, NH
Chelsea, VT Croydon, NH
Corinth, VT Dorchester, NH
Fairlee, VT Enfield, NH
Hartford, VT Grafton, NH
Hartland, VT Grantham, NH
Newbury, VT Hanover, NH
Norwich, VT Haverhill, NH
Pomfret, VT Lebanon, NH
Randolph, VT Lyme, NH
Royalton, VT New London, NH
Sharon, VT Newport, NH
Strafford, VT Orange, NH
Thetford, VT Orford, NH
Tunbridge, VT Piermont, NH
Vershire, VT Plainfield, NH
Weathersfield, VT Springfield, NH
West Fairlee, VT Sunapee, NH
West Windsor, VT Unity, NH
Windsor, VT  
Woodstock, VT  

Suggest a correction

Click here to suggest a correction using our online form. You may also also contact the reporter via the information in the tagline at the end of the article or at the bottom of this page.

News department

News tips and requests for coverage by news reporters should be sent to the news department.

Please do not send opinion pieces, arts features or legal notices to the news editor. Find contact information for those items under the Editorial Department (opinion) and Close-Up Department (features). Legal notices should be sent to the advertising department.

News Editor: John Gregg, 603-727-3217

News Email:

Mailing address:
News Desk
Valley News
P.O. Box 877
White River Junction, VT 05001

Phone numbers: 603-298-8711 or 1-800-874-2226

Fax: 603-298-0212

Online Submission Forms
You may also submit a news tip using this form.
Suggest a correction using this form.

Urgent matters should be followed up with a phone call to News Editor John Gregg at 603-727-3217.

Contact us securely via the Signal app for iPhone and Android at 603-727-3220.

Jim Kenyon

News columnist Jim Kenyon can be reached at or 603-727-3212.

Editorial department (opinion)

Click here to submit a letter to the editor to our Forum.

To submit an opinion column for consideration, please contact Editorial Page Editor Ernie Kohlsaat at the addresses below.

Editorial Editor: Ernie Kohlsaat,, 603-727-3208

Mailing address:
Ernie Kohlsaat
Valley News
P.O. Box 877
White River Junction, VT 05001 

Fax: 603-298-0212

Close-Up department (features)

Features are primarily covered by the Close-Up department. The Close-Up page runs Monday through Saturday with a rotating focus on topics including:

  • Arts & entertainment
  • Books
  • Education
  • Food & dining
  • Gardening
  • Health
  • Human interest
  • Lifestyle
  • Movies & TV
  • Religion
  • Science


Close-Up Editor: Alex Hanson,, 603-727-3207

Mailing address:
Valley News
P.O. Box 877
White River Junction, VT 05001

Phone number: 603-727-3207

Fax: 603-298-0212


Art Notes & Entertainment Highlights
Arts and entertainment events can be mentioned in the Thursday Close-Up section if the event is open to the public. Art event information may be emailed to and entertainment event information may be emailed to

Photographs submitted for consideration should be attached in JPEG format. The newspaper’s standard resolution is 200 dpi; the photograph should be, at a minimum, eight inches at its longest dimension. Lower-resolution photographs from websites are not suitable for print reproduction.

Be sure to get news of your events to us at least two weeks before the event or opening.


Sports department

The sports department covers local high school and college sports, including Dartmouth College athletics, as well as outdoors and recreation news.

Local coaches reporting scores can call the Valley News main number at 603-298-8711 and punch through to the newsroom, or call 603-727-3218.

Sports Editor: Greg Fennell,, 603-727-3226

Sports Email:

Mailing address:
Sports Desk
Valley News
P.O. Box 877
White River Junction, VT 05001 

Phone number: 603-727-3218

Fax: 603-298-0212

Endurance events: Click here to submit an endurance event to the Sports department using an online form.

Calendar (events)

Valley Calendar Submission Guidelines

Listings in the Valley Calendar are provided without charge as a service to our readers. 

Any not-for-profit group can get an Upper Valley event listed if the event is open to the public and any applicable fee is specified. Any individual organizing a not-for-profit event can get that event listed, with the same conditions. 

Be sure to get your calendar items to us at least five business days before the event. Valley News editors reserve the right to edit or exclude listings as deemed appropriate.

Find our full submission policy, including photo submission guidelines, here

Online Submission Form
Click here to submit a calendar listing online. (Click the gray "Add Event" button.)

Calendar Editor: Liz Sauchelli,, 603-727-3221

Calendar Email:

Mailing address:
Valley Calendar
Valley News
P.O. Box 877
White River Junction, VT 05001 

Fax: 603-298-0212


Business section

The business section appears weekly in the Sunday Valley News.

Sunday Valley News Editor: Nick Upton,, 603-727-3214

Business Reporter: John Lippman,, 603-727-3219

Mailing Address:
Business Section
Sunday Valley News
P.O. Box 877
White River Junction, VT 05001 

Fax: 603-298-0212

Announce Your New Business
Click here for an online submission form to announce your new business.

Business Notes
Items of interest to the local business community are published every Sunday. All items are subject to editing for clarity or space.

Mailing address:
Business Notes
Sunday Valley News
P.O. Box 877
White River Junction, VT 05001 
Fax: 603-298-0212 

It is recommended that you call 603-727-3219 to confirm that your email has been received.

People in Business
The Valley News recognizes the achievements of members of the local business community in the Sunday Business section. Submissions, including photographs, may be mailed to the address below. Photographs cannot be returned unless accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope. You may also send your items by fax or by email. Photographs may be emailed in JPEG format to All items are subject to editing for clarity or space.

Mailing address
People in Business
Sunday Valley News
P.O. Box 877
White River Junction, VT 05001 
Fax: 603-298-0212 

It is recommended that you call 603-727-3219 to confirm that your e-mail has been received.

Photo department

To submit photographs to be considered for publication, please use this form and follow the requirements listed at the top of the page.

For photographs of news events, please alert the editor on duty at 603-298-8711, extension 5, to let him or her know it has been submitted.

Published images by Valley News staff photographers can be purchased online through the Valley News' online Photo Gallery. If you aren't able to locate an older photograph, please email photo editor Geoff Hansen at to see if it is available through the office. Reprints are for personal use only.

Photo Editor: Geoff Hansen,, 603-727-3247

Photo Email:

Mailing address:
Photo Desk
Valley News
P.O. Box 877
White River Junction, VT 05001

Phone numbers: 603-298-8711 or 1-800-874-2226

Fax: 603-298-0212


Requests to reproduce articles and photographs

Work created by Valley News staff that is published in the newspaper and on our website is copyrighted by the Valley News and cannot be reproduced, in hard copy or online, without express permission.

We allow the re-publication of our content by non-profit organizations and for certain creative endeavors (such as photos of authors for book jackets) for a fee.

How to request permission to reproduce Valley News articles and photographs:

Identify the work that you would like to reprint, the purpose for reprinting and how you would like to reprint it, e.g. reprinting an article for a hard-copy newsletter with a 500-count circulation, or republishing a photo on your organization's website.

All inquiries must be made in writing and should be directed to permissions editor Jim Kenyon in one of the following ways:


Mailing address:
Jim Kenyon
Valley News
P.O. Box 877
White River Junction, VT 05001

Fax: 603-298-0212


Please note:

The Valley News does not permit use of its news or editorial content for political or commercial purposes, except that which is permitted under the Fair Use Doctrine. And, of course, political or commercial enterprises can always publish a link to content that appears on the Valley News website.

The Valley News does not allow its work to be directly uploaded to social media platforms. Readers and other enterprises are welcome to post links to our work to social media, just as they are welcome to post our links to our work to their websites.

If there is a problem with a link, please email Maggie Cassidy at


Newsroom staff contact info


Camerato, Tim —  x223,
Cassidy, Maggie — x220,
Clary, Matt — x302,
Doyle-Burr, Nora — x213,
Fennell, Greg — x226,
Gregg, John — x217,
Hansen, Geoff — ​x247,
Hanson, Alex — x207,
Hauck, Jennifer — x230,
Kenyon, Jim — x212,
Kohlsaat, Ernie — x208,
Lippman, John — x219,
Merriman, Anna — x216,
Palange, Vanessa — x242,
Patterson, James — x230,
Sauchelli, Liz — x221,
Upton, Nick — x214,

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