Annual meeting: Piermont School District to increase its share of high school tuition costs

Published: 03-22-2023 1:37 PM

PIERMONT — Voters at the Piermont School District’s annual floor meeting on Tuesday evening approved increasing the town’s current share of tuition costs, SAU 23 Administrative Assistant Dawn Burleson said.

The measure, which had the support of the School Board, directs the board to increase the current tuition formula, which sets the maximum tuition cost Piermont will pay for high school students at the average tuition cost of Rivendell, Oxbow and Woodsville, plus 18% to 27%, at an additional cost of nearly $15,000.

Voters rejected a separate measure, not supported by the School Board, that would have offered high school choice to Piermont students by allowing parents or guardians to pay any additional costs over the level set by the current policy at an additional tuition cost of $21,000.

Voters approved a school budget of $2.8 million.

At the town’s floor meeting on Saturday, voters approved a municipal operating budget of $1.2 million, Selectboard Chairman Wayne Godfrey said.