Out & About: Create Your Own Adventure With Windsor Library’s ‘Story Baskets’

  • "Story Baskets" outside the Windsor Public Library are ready to be picked up by patrons looking to go on an adventure, and report back to the library on what they've found. (Courtesy Windsor Public Library)

Valley News Calendar Editor
Monday, May 14, 2018

Windsor — Have you ever looked at an empty basket and thought “there’s an adventure to be found there?”

That’s what the Windsor Public Library is hoping patrons do with their new “Story Baskets.”

“The idea is that you just take a basket and go out exploring anywhere,” said Sarah Tufts, youth services coordinator at the library. “Then, bring us back a story about everything you’ve found.”

There’s nothing in the 13 baskets — and that’s the point. The idea is that patrons take one and fill it with items from an adventure out in nature. When they return to the library, they can recount the story behind each item.

“They’re meant for anyone, not just kids,” Tufts said. So far, adults have been the ones to pick them up.

The baskets were donated by Windsor resident and library patron Michael Quinn. A retired middle school science teacher, Quinn used the baskets for mushroom hunting and other field trips he would lead.

“It’s funny how something as simple as a basket can add another dimension to walk in the woods or a field,” Quinn said. “Out there exploring and hoping to learn, the basket can be a reminder, it can be a tool, it can be a sort of friend or companion on a walk.”

Quinn imagines children will collect leaves and rocks to later identify. The baskets may give them a sense of purpose on their outdoor treks and encourage to spend more time out in nature.

“This will kick-start them to go out exploring,” Quinn said. “It’s a simple thing but could connect all ages of people.”

Editor’s note: For more information about the Story Baskets, contact the library at 802-674-2556 or librarian@windsorlibrary.org. Liz Sauchelli can be reached at esauchelli@vnews.com or 603-727-3221.