Out & About: Feline ready for stardom? Enter Windsor on Air’s Virtual Cat Show

  • Noki, a cat owned by Windsor on Air Station Manager Paula Wehde, is known for her acrobatic skills jumping over a dog gate. In a follow up from last year's Virtual Dog Show, Windsor on Air will be holding a Virtual Cat Show and is accepting submissions until Feb. 1. (Photograph courtesy of Paula Wehde) Courtesy photograph

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Published: 1/22/2022 11:18:54 PM
Modified: 1/24/2022 10:18:43 AM

As soon as Paula Wehde announced Windsor on Air’s Virtual Dog Show last year, the questions started.

What about cats? Why were they being left out of such a fun, joyful experience?

With the pressure mounting, Wehde said she’d consider it.

Now at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 5, cat fanciers will have their day. The nonprofit TV station is scheduled to hold a Virtual Cat Show.

“We stick to our word here,” Wehde, the station director, said.

“God help us, we’ll see what happens,” she added with a laugh.

People can stream the Virtual Cat Show online at woa-tv.org and replays will be available. Entries are due by Feb. 1 and proud cat parents can submit email woa-tv@comcast.net or call or text 802-674-5200 to get a Dropbox link to submit videos. The virtual event is open to all Upper Valley residents.

Anyone who has ever known or loved a cat — myself included — know they can be quite fickle creatures. The old saw “Dogs have owners; cats have staff” has plenty of truth to it. That’s sure to bring with it a lot of unpredictable moments, as there were in last year’s Virtual Dog Show, which Wehde deemed a success: There were around 20 submissions and the cold, somewhat dreary weather had people looking for laughs.

“The dog show went so well. We had great engagement from all around,” Wehde said, describing it as the most fun she had last year. “Some of the videos I got last year were so funny. Some of them were really good.”

There will be four feline categories: cutest cat, funniest cat, best trick cat and most annoying cat.

(Wehde added the last category after she asked during our interview if I had any ideas for categories and — channeling the four cats who share the home I share with my husband — I suggested “most annoying.”)

“I think our trick category is going to be a little different” Wehde said. “I’m sure there are cats that do tricks, but the depth of that category is going to be a little limited.”

Then she paused to reconsider: “I could be speaking wrongly.”

Wehde’s cat, Noki, whom she adopted from the Upper Valley Humane Society, has an amusing trick of her own involving a dog gate.

“The cat leaps over it every time like a show jumper,” Wehde said. “She’s really amazing.”

The event will have three judges, two of whom judged last year’s dog show.

“They’re not necessarily cat people, but they have agreed to take on the job,” Wehde said, emphasizing that they’re committed to being fair and impartial jurors.

Staffers who serve more than one cat can submit one video per cat or include multiple cats in one video.

There will be prizes for winners, and of course bragging rights that come from having a cat win a contest it is probably judging you for entering.

“My hopes and dreams are the community joins in and watches, whether they have a cat or not, and that they laugh and have a good time because I know we’ll be laughing behind the scenes putting it on,” Wehde said.

Liz Sauchelli can be reached at esauchelli@vnews.com or 603-727-3221.

 CORRECTION: The Virtual Cat Show hosted by Windsor on  Air is scheduled to air on Saturday, Feb. 5. The incorrect date was listed in a previous version of this story.

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