Editorial: Is ‘neutrality’ another name for failing to lead?

06-14-2024 10:01 PM

Dartmouth president Sian Leah Beilock is considering whether the college “should formally adopt a position of institutional neutrality,” according to Liz Lempres, chairwoman of the college’s board of trustees. If it does, Dartmouth would join Harvard...

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Forum for July 15, 2024: Norwich solar sites

07-15-2024 9:08 AM

Siting solar projects in NorwichAs Solar Siting Sub-committee Chair in Norwich, I will clarify some points in Frances Mize’s recent article (“Solar energy generates debate”; July 6). The goal published by the Planning Commission is: “to make changes...

Editorial: Twin States need to stop taking money from children in foster care

07-12-2024 10:00 PM

What kind of a lowlife would steal from orphans and kids with disabilities? Sadly, the answer is not a character in a 19th century novel by Dickens, whose literary indictment of society’s mistreatment of children remains unsurpassed. In this case, the...

A Solitary Walker: A fen and its many orchids

07-12-2024 7:31 PM


Why are the orchids here? I park my car along the Class 4 road by a kiosk on Hemenway Road and walk up the trail into our Strafford Town Forest, which had been donated in the 1960s by a local doctor. I feel comforted by the presence of tall old trees...

Column: A child’s spirit eases us into the world of work

07-12-2024 7:00 PM


“Two boys, one hour each, 10 bucks apiece.” This was the agreement I struck with my neighbor about hiring his 5th grade son and his friend to weed my garden. Although my own children have long since left the nest, I hadn’t forgotten the raggedy...

Forum for July 13, 2024: Dying trees

07-12-2024 6:00 PM

Why trees are dyingFor over 50 years I have been deeply concerned by the effects of atmospheric change on our trees and forests. Just recently, at a children’s camp, I removed dozens of dead trees that should have been healthy. When the director asked...

Column: New Hampshire can show the way to pick a new nominee

07-12-2024 5:39 PM


We Granite Staters are rightfully proud of our first-in-the-nation presidential primary. For more than a century, it served the country well by providing an open testing ground for would-be leaders of the free world. Here, a national name and campaign...

A Yankee Notebook: We’re focusing on the wrong half of the debate

07-11-2024 11:10 AM


I talk back to the television quite a bit. I get away with it; there’s nobody here but Kiki to comment on either my behavior or my performance. My wife used to point out, sometimes none too gently if I was commenting upon an especially egregious line...

Forum for July 11, 2024: The founders warned us

07-11-2024 11:10 AM

The founders were aware of demagogues Webster’s defines “demagogue” as a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and falsehoods and promises in order to gain power. At our founding, our leaders tried to build Constitutional and electoral procedures...

Forum for July 10, 2024: Hazardous waste

07-11-2024 11:08 AM

A good day for hazardous wasteOn Friday, July 12, Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission will be holding a regional Household Hazardous Waste collection in Lebanon at 56 Labombard Rd. Residents of participating towns can bring up to 25...

Forum for July 9, 2024: Supreme Court

07-11-2024 11:06 AM

Low moment for high courtPundits express shock that the highest court in the land could be so irresponsible as to invent new powers of immunity for the president. Has it in effect made the president king?Why are we surprised that the Supreme Court is...

Forum for July 8, 2024: The debate

07-08-2024 1:24 PM

The so-called ‘debate’What happened on June 27 wasn’t a “debate.” A debate is “a formal discussion on a particular topic … in which opposing arguments are put forward.” An argument is “a reason or set of reasons given with the aim of persuading others...

By the Way: Reckoning with white evangelical racism

07-05-2024 9:01 PM


As someone who was reared as an evangelical, I resisted for decades the charge that white evangelicals were racist. Sure, I knew about segregation academies and places like Bob Jones University, but I was also aware that many evangelical megachurches...

Forum for July 6, 2024: A glowing op-ed

07-05-2024 6:27 PM

A glowing op-edIt was refreshing to read the Washington Post op-ed in Thursday’s paper (“Will the US have a nuclear power resolution?” June 27). Nuclear power has come a long way in the four decades since the last plant was built in the U.S. More...

Forum for July 5, 2024: Gambling’s ills

07-05-2024 6:23 PM

The truth about gambling I noted with consternation the caption under a photo of Andy and Laurie Sanborn in the front page article (“Sanborn gets extension to sell casino”; June 28) about their legal case involving their charitable gambling operation...

A Yankee Notebook: Finding the words for our current state

07-03-2024 2:54 PM


I’ve been listening to sermons for over eight decades. At first, of course, it was because I had to. Next, because it was the thing to do. Now, occasionally, because I want to. And I must say that over those more than 80 years I’ve heard a few good...

Forum for July 2, 2024: Anti-war teach-in

07-02-2024 3:33 PM

An anti-war teach-inMany of us in Vermont and New Hampshire are not OK with the expanding wars and militarization around the world. The U.S. is not in defense mode, but rather in full aggressive mode. We have 800-plus military bases in the world, at...

Forum for July 1, 2024: Church and state

07-02-2024 3:33 PM

Praying for separation of church and state I am very sad to see legislators in Louisiana (and probably other states in the future) passing a law to require the posting of the Ten Commandments in all public school classrooms. This is another...

Forum for June 28, 2024: In-person meetings

06-29-2024 10:22 AM

In person meetingsseem more efficientI’m writing to offer context to the Valley News’s recent reporting on the debate over the format of Norwich’s public meetings (“Hybrid meetings don’t suit everyone”; June 22). In considering whether virtual,...

Editorial: Why won’t Norwich officials get together?

06-28-2024 10:00 PM

If 90% of success in life is just showing up, how much is attributable to just putting in a virtual appearance? 50%? 40? The question arises in the context of the Norwich Selectboard, a majority of whose members have, without explanation, abandoned...

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