Perspectives: A relationship built on writing

06-08-2024 5:01 PM


Lois Moore doesn’t have an email address or any other mode of online communication. And while she does rely on her landline from time to time to talk to family, most of her information from family and friends arrives in the red, 100-year-old,...

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A Yankee Notebook: Kids absorb the outdoors

06-12-2024 10:28 AM


We started the kids out early, Mother and I. From summers working on an island and living in a wall tent off the coast of Maine, and little weekend outings, we progressed to a trip down the Allagash when the oldest, Virginia, was 11 and the youngest,...

Column: Gov. Scott has no grand plan for affordable schools

06-12-2024 10:26 AM


It’s Groundhog Day. Gov. Scott vetoed the yield bill, again leaving Vermont school districts adrift. The reason: all the school budgets voters approved add up to more than Gov. Scott wants them to spend.None of us likes an increase. Some legislators...

Column: For-profit health care loots Medicare

06-12-2024 10:24 AM


People who know me have heard me voice significant concerns about Medicare Advantage plans. From a consumer perspective, there is a lack of transparency of what many plans offer and a wide range of plans available … some better, some substantially...

Forum for June 11, 2024: Hold steady, Americans

06-12-2024 10:22 AM

Hold steady after Trump trialThe guilty verdict in the Trump trial has set off an explosion of rage and personal threats from Trump and many of his MAGA followers. These threats are dangerous and understandably frightening to those of us in both...

Forum for June 10, 2024: The youth vote

06-12-2024 10:21 AM

The kids are all right, to voteIf you are losing sleep in anticipation of the 2024 election, there is something you can do right now. Encourage the high school graduates in your life to register to vote.In New Hampshire, 17 year olds can register to...

Editorial: Artificial intelligence poses real risks

06-07-2024 8:01 PM

“Existential threat” has become the go-to catch phrase to warn about all sorts of looming catastrophes, from climate change to a second presidential term for Donald Trump. Add to the list “artificial general intelligence,” or A.G.I., which, The New...

Column: The greatest gift we can give to graduates

06-07-2024 3:47 PM


How are parents to feel about their student’s graduation? Graduations celebrate accomplishments; they are also good-byes with eyes on the prize of what’s ahead. And yet, everywhere around you, parents and young adults are clinging to each other, never...

Forum for June 8, 2024: Untrained teachers

06-07-2024 3:46 PM

Why hire untrained teachers?House Bill 1298 would allow adults working fewer than 30 hours a week to teach in New Hampshire without credentials if they pass a criminal background check. Anyone with a revoked teaching license cannot be hired. Would you...

Forum for June 7, 2024: Lebanon’s dog days

06-07-2024 3:45 PM

Dog days of summer start early in LebanonWith the arrival of warmer weather and open windows, it would behoove the dog owners of Lebanon (and of Bank Street in particular) to bear in mind that your neighbors are probably not as utterly oblivious to...

Forum for June 6, 2024: CCBA child care

06-07-2024 3:44 PM

CCBA is meeting changing child care standardsWe are disappointed, but not surprised at Jim Kenyon’s latest opinion piece suggesting that the CCBA is not fulfilling its mission to provide youth programming (“CCBA drops drop-offs”; May 25). To the...

A Yankee Notebook: A dog is a friend, but a terrier looks after you

06-04-2024 4:16 PM


If we start down the driveway in late afternoon, Kiki knows it’s either getting the mail or going to the park. If I pass by the mailbox, she knows her dream is coming true, and climbs partway over the barrier that’s supposed to keep her in the back...

Forum for June 5, 2024: Lebanon parking

06-04-2024 4:13 PM

Lebanon’s parking situation is getting grimWhat is Lebanon thinking in planning events in town? They want lots of events, but they keep taking away more and more places for people to park to go to these events.They blocked a main road by Three...

Forum for June 4, 2024: Remember May 1

06-04-2024 4:11 PM

Remember May 1 and protests pastSince the May 1 debacle at Dartmouth College, there have been letters to the editor, editorials and opinion pieces by professors, editorial staff and common sense individuals on both sides of the Connecticut River. As a...

Column: What should the US prioritize in Gaza and the Middle East

05-31-2024 10:01 PM


The protracted Gaza war, as it evolved after the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel, has brought out two opposing geopolitical and economic forces in the Middle East.The first is non-Arab Iran and its proxy “states” — Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis in...

Editorial: Hartford should exercise caution on public display of affinities

05-31-2024 9:01 PM

The current controversy over the display of a politically-charged symbol at the home of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito comes at an opportune moment for the Hartford Selectboard as it continues to wrestle with the contours of a policy for...

By the Way: Sian Beilock can mend her frayed reputation

05-31-2024 8:01 PM


Like many campuses across the nation, Dartmouth College has been roiling with unrest over the war in Gaza.On May 1, the college’s president called in local police and state troopers with riot gear to arrest 89 students, faculty, staff and community...

Forum for June 1, 2024: New Hampshire gender bills

05-31-2024 7:00 PM

The need to be known as ourselvesAs an SAU70 teacher and a parent of two past and two future Hanover students, I foresee the mental-health toll that will unfold if Gov. Sununu doesn’t veto four New Hampshire bills currently targeting...

Column: Dartmouth Health and New Hampshire are partners in mental health

05-31-2024 3:50 PM


Mental Health Awareness Month may be winding down, but every month Dartmouth Health’s Department of Psychiatry (DH Psychiatry) seeks to increase timely access to high-quality care for people who develop mental health and substance use difficulties.As...

Forum for May 30, 2024: Hanover’s civility

05-30-2024 5:42 PM

Hanover is very civilI am writing this letter to offer a contrasting perspective to the Valley News’ coverage of Hanover Town Meeting in which it exaggerated conflict and downplayed civility.The town manager’s role in preparing for Town Meeting is...

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