Lebanon landfill project to convert gas to electricity is delayed and over budget

04-16-2024 7:30 PM


LEBANON — With scheduling delays and increased construction prices hindering the city’s effort to convert landfill gas into electricity, public works officials say it’s going to take some more cash to finish the project.The department will be making...

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Businesses in Charlestown and Springfield, Vt., seek alternative to bridge closure

04-16-2024 7:00 PM


CHARLESTOWN — At a meeting Tuesday morning, Charlestown and Springfield, Vt., business owners and public officials said the planned 34-week closure to repair the Cheshire Bridge linking the two communities will “kill” the area economy.About 50 people...

Strafford voters approve school budget

04-16-2024 6:04 PM

STRAFFORD — Voters approved all warned articles and elected two School Board members in uncontested races in ballot voting on Tuesday.In a vote of 182-113, voters approved a $4.1 million school budget, which is expected to result in education spending...

Rivendell voters elect School Board members

04-16-2024 6:03 PM

ORFORD — In addition to rejecting the proposed school budget by a floor vote on Saturday, residents in the four-town Rivendell Interstate School District elected school board members and officers. In Australian balloting, Orford’s Charles Newton...

First Branch voters approve school budget

04-16-2024 6:01 PM

TUNBRIDGE — Voters in the two-town First Branch Unified School District approved an operating budget of $8.4 million at a floor meeting on Monday night.In a paper ballot vote, 84 voted for the budget and 62 voted no.The budget is up from last year’s...

Hartford voters approve school budget and building repair bond

04-16-2024 5:01 PM


HARTFORD — Voters approved the school district’s $51 million budget, as well as a $21 million bond for facilities repairs in Australian ballot voting Monday.The budget passed 728-622, or about 54% to 46%. The bond passed more narrowly, 712-634, or...

Bridge in Royalton to remain closed through April

04-16-2024 2:14 PM

ROYALTON — The Royalton Hill Bridge, also known as the Foxstand Bridge, will remain closed at least through April as state officials determine next steps, according to the town administrator.The bridge, which spans the White River between Royalton...

City plans to widen and replace bridge on Trues Brook Road

04-15-2024 8:16 PM


WEST LEBANON — A plan to widen a 2,000-foot corridor of Trues Brook Road — including a particularly narrow bridge — has received mixed reviews from affected neighbors. While supporters of the $4 million project said it will improve safety, others said...

Starbucks store planned for Route 120 at Centerra

04-15-2024 8:01 PM


LEBANON — Starbucks hopes soon to be serving from triple grande locations in Lebanon and Hanover.The ubiquitous national coffee chain is working to open its third location in the Upper Valley, this time on Route 120. Construction is expected to get...

Canaan Elementary School has new principal

04-15-2024 2:17 PM

CANAAN — A longtime New Jersey-based elementary educator has been appointed as Canaan Elementary School’s new principal. Jody Viereck is currently an adjunct professor and clinical practice supervisor at Rowan University in Glassboro, N.J., according...

Enterprise column: Dartmouth Hitchcock’s pet therapy, canine greeter programs try to take stress out of hospital stays

04-15-2024 2:15 PM


Walk through the main atrium of Dartmouth -Hitchcock Medical Center on a Friday afternoon and you may meet one of Dartmouth Hitchcock’s best-loved therapists doing his rounds. His name is Kooper, an 8-year-old golden retriever wh,o with his owner and...

Enterprise column: Considering ‘active transportation’

04-15-2024 1:58 PM


A “time-space machine” — that’s how Sharon’s Ryan Haac playfully refers to his car.Particularly when he takes the interstate, the experience is one of disconnecting from one place and, in an astonishingly short time, popping out in another, with an...

Enterprise: Business and nonprofit announcements

04-15-2024 1:55 PM

New businesses Avery Osgood has opened the Sundaez Ice Cream Bar at 50 West Pleasant St. in Claremont. Osgood is also one of the operators of The Cruisin’ Cow, a family-owned ice cream truck. More information: Life...

Enterprise: Wildlife nuisance professionals discuss business misconception

04-15-2024 1:52 PM


CORNISH — Homeowners looking to evict an unwelcome animal intruder might find its more than they can handle on their own.That’s why it could be best to call a professional because removing nuisance wildlife requires a lot more expertise and experience...

Enterprise: Upper Valley pet sitters discuss business growth, needs

04-15-2024 1:51 PM


CORNISH — Liz Gage liked the idea of starting a pet sitting service but never considered it a way to make a living — until she met someone who did.Gage, of Cornish, who was working in health care at the time, then began doing her own research to see...

Enterprise: Animal sanctuary owners discuss how raise funds to care for creatures

04-15-2024 1:48 PM


TUNBRIDGE — Missy Gilbert’s idea for an animal sanctuary started with a wedding gift from her husband, Steven, of two goats needing a home. Gilbert, a vegetarian, said breeding them did not interest her.“So we decided to go the other way and began...

Rivendell voters reject school budget

04-14-2024 7:30 PM


ORFORD — Voters delivered a decisive defeat to Rivendell’s proposed $15.7 million school budget Saturday, rejecting it 240-143 in paper-ballot voting.The school district’s annual meeting on Saturday drew about 400 voters, representing about 14% of...

Lawmakers defeat a sixth gun safety bill, this one aimed at keeping guns out of schools

04-14-2024 6:33 PM


Thursday morning, Moms Demand Action gathered their gun safety advocates in the New Hampshire State Library to encourage them to continue pressing lawmakers to support their legislative agenda and to run for office to replace those who don’t. “We’ve...

New EPA rule will require more of Vermont’s public drinking water systems to address PFAS

04-14-2024 6:30 PM


The federal Environmental Protection Agency issued a landmark rule on Wednesday that regulates the amount of PFAS, a harmful class of chemicals, in public drinking water for the first time. Exposure to PFAS, or per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances, has...

New EPA PFAS rule goes further than New Hampshire’s standards, setting up new challenge

04-14-2024 6:27 PM


A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rule adding new limits on PFAS chemicals in public water systems announced Wednesday would go further than New Hampshire’s own limits and could have major implications for homeowners and water utilities, state...

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