Class of 2019 says ‘thank you’

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Published: 6/5/2019 10:35:21 PM
Modified: 6/5/2019 10:35:13 PM

NEWPORT — The three co-valedictorians at Wednesday evening’s Newport graduation offered advice to their fellow graduates to consider the “road less traveled” to their future, define success and happiness on their own terms, and remember the small but important things they learned over the past four years.

Alia Gonzalez told classmates that taking the road less traveled means being responsible for achieving your goals and asked them recall a dream they have harbored but never pursued, according to an advance copy of her speech.

“No matter what it is, I promise you that dream is attainable but only if you keep your eye on the road and stay true to yourself,” Gonzalez, who will attend Long Island University-Post to major in musical theater, said in the remarks.

Benjamin Jachim-Gallagher, who is headed to Harvard in the fall, said “success” so far has been defined by such things as good grades, hard work and athletic pursuits but as they head off in different directions, they must redefine the word for themselves so it leads to happiness.

“For me, it is more important that I’m happy with myself, rather than how impressed other people are with me,” Jachim-Gallagher said.

Elizabeth Tremblay, who will attend Boston College, recounted a long list of small but meaningful, and often humorous lessons, she learned from her teachers, friends and the community of Newport, from taking gym class online to learning to stand for what you believe in and no matter how good you are at something, you can always improve.

“I would like you all to know that we, the youth, really care about you as well. Thank you all for everything,” her speech said.

Newport Middle High School Class of 2019

Joseph David Ackerman, Aiden Mark Almstrom, Joshua Scott Almstrom, Justin Armstrong, Reilly Benjamin, Avery Isaac James Bailey, Jacob Robert Bailey, Odell Brice Bedell, James Andrew Blaine III, Hunter Boardman, Monique Amber Nicole Bocash, Catherine Elizabeth Boles, Jennifer Rae Boomhower, Angel Ann Branch, Grace Brown, Victoria Alynn Burroughs, Abigail Jules Carley, Ethan James Carley, Anna Rose Caron, Kaitlin Michelle Carroll, Kristie Marie Clingenpeel, Selena Alexis Coronis, Marisa Nichole Cota, Lisa Marie Currier, Nathan L. Currier, Michael James Denaris, Austin Riley Eaves, Rileigh Beth Frye, Kobe Thomas Gallo, Devon Glidden, Alia Lynn Gonzalez, Emily Ruth Guyett, Joshua Wayne Hannigan, Logan Connor Harper, Megan Riley Howard, Benjamin Daniel Jachim-Gallagher, Kayla Marie Jensen, Sylvanna Rose Landry, Gavin Meacham Lovely, Abigail May-Lee Lussier, Savannah Martin, Hannah Lane McFadden, Cole Ryan McNamara, Daniel Merritt, Jackson Blake Miller, Brittany Lynn Mills, Fancy Moulton, Ayesha Nezamabadi, Michael James Osgood, Alexis Page, Abigail Louise Paquin, Nolin Otis Rankin, Anthony Michael Robertson, Jolie Meadow Sanborn, James Robert Smith Dylan M. Stark, Nathan Eric Andrew Stark, Isaiah Andrew Stephens, Trunks Xavier Thomas, Elizabeth Mae Tremblay, Maria Faustina Wallace, Emily Ann Wellman.

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