Newport Solar, Filter Firms Sold to N.H. Company

Valley News Correspondent
Saturday, January 06, 2018

Newport — New England Solar Concepts and MatrixAir on Sunapee Street were purchased this month by MadgeTech of Warner, N.H., a designer and manufacturer of data loggers that measure and record information needed in a variety of industries.

“The recent acquisition was a perfect opportunity to support the local businesses while complementing our commitment to providing the necessary resources needed to ensure safety and quality across influential industries worldwide,” MadgeTech president Norm Carlson said in a news release.

Matrix Air, started in 1983, is a maker of air filtration and purification systems for residential, commercial and industrial use.

According to its website, the company first produced two models of air purification systems and today manufactures more than 19 products.

Owner Tracy Nangeroni who joined the company her father started in 1994, said her decision to sell was nothing more than a desire to do something different.

“I have been doing this for nearly 25 years so I am ready for a change,” Nangeroni said.

Matrix Air started Solar Concepts in 2005, doing distribution and installation of small commercial and residential solar arrays. The Sanctuary Dairy Farm in Sunapee was one of the company’s first installations.

“Norm (Carlson) is interested in the technology they are doing and merging it with what we are doing,” said Meredith Orbacz, marketing manager with Madge Tech, in a phone interview last week.

The companies will now operate under the name, SolAir.

Nangeroni said there were some talks with Madge Tech about selling a year ago but nothing came of those discussions until now.

The financial details of the sale were not disclosed.

Orbacz said the products made by Madge Tech measure things such as temperature, humidity, pressure, vibrations and co2 levels.

Food processing and health care are two of the larger industries that use the data loggers.

As an example, Orbacz said a food canning company must maintain a certain temperature in the can to ensure the food does not spoil and a data logger can measure that critical number.

Madge Tech has been in business 21 years and sells directly to businesses or through distributors with customers across the globe. It employs 60.

Orbacz said Carlson wants to hire four or five more people in the next year at New England Solar Concept and Matrix Air. The companies now employ 5 people.

“We want to take what they have been doing and enhance to boost the company overall,” Orbacz said.

Matrix Air and New England Solar Concepts will support Madge Tech in expanding vital services and products made in the USA, Madge Tech said in the news release.