Newport Airport Hangar Added to Register of Historic Places

  • courtesy photographThe Newport Airport Hangar has been added to New Hampshire’s State Register of Historic Places.

Saturday, June 02, 2018

Newport — The Parlin Field Hangar in Newport’s Corbin Field is one of eight buildings being added to the New Hampshire State Register of Historic Places. The airplane hangar, which was originally built in 1929, is likely the oldest in the state.

The third generation of the Callum family, including Terry and Jim Callum, continues to maintain and restore the hangar.

On average, there are six aircraft that rent the hangar on a monthly basis, which provides revenue for the town. Corbin Field is one of 12 municipally owned general aviation airports in New Hampshire.

According to the State Historical Resources Council, the hangar is an example of a prefabricated metal utilitarian building that rose in use and popularity during the early days of airplane travel. The hangar is in great need of a roof repair to patch leaks in its now nearly 90-year-old metal roof.

— Kelly Burch