Car Break-Ins Investigated in Quechee

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Hartford — A suspect or suspects broke into at least 10 vehicles in Hartford overnight in Quechee’s Sunrise Circle and Twilight Court areas. 

More than $1,300 in electronics, change, tools and other valuables were taken, according to a Hartford police new release.

“Hartford patrol officers and investigators worked most of the morning collecting information from crime victims and processing the vehicles for fingerprint, DNA and other evidence,” police said in the release.

They are working with authorities in Chester, Vt., and Weathersfield, who also are investigating recent car thefts. Among the items taken in Weathersfield was a handgun. There is a “real possibility” that the break-ins may be related, Kasten said.

Police are reminding people to roll up their windows, lock their vehicles and bring their valuables inside. 

Anyone with information about the recent break-ins in Hartford is asked to call Hartford police at 802-295-9425.