Woman Warned Police of Threats

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Leroy Headley’s fiancee told police what was coming months before she was killed.

Court records obtained by VtDigger show that Anako Lumumba, 33, a nurse and the mother of two of Headley’s children, filed complaints in April and December last year telling police that Headley had guns and was threatening to kill her.

“I am afraid that he physically threatens me because he is in possession of a loaded gun and what he says at times is very disturbing and unsettling,” she wrote in a request for a relief-from-abuse order on Dec. 2.

“I don’t feel safe in a space I know has two loaded guns ready for use,” Lumumba said in a separate request on April 16, 2017.

On Dec. 2, Lumumba filed a request with the court asking Headley to temporarily leave their household, surrender his guns and give up custody of their children. The court issued a temporary relief-from-abuse order, but Headley refused to surrender his firearms during the five-day stretch when it was in force.

On Dec. 7, Judge Dennis Pearson vacated the order and dismissed further action because Lumumba failed to appear for a scheduled hearing, according to records from the Chittenden County Superior Court family division. Police stopped efforts to obtain Headley’s guns that day.

There is no record of South Burlington police responding to further incidents involving Headley until May 3, when they were called to 10 Southview Drive, the couple’s shared residence.

This time, Lumumba was found shot dead in her home.

A man called police from Headley’s phone soon afterward and admitting to killing his girlfriend. An officer said he recognized Headley’s voice. Police have since placed Headley at the scene of the crime and obtained a warrant for his arrest.

Headley, 36, remains on the run. South Burlington Police Chief Trevor Whipple said on Friday that there were no updates on the search.