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Column: Whose woods these aren’t


On a long walk through deep woods you rarely think about property lines, but a logging project on your own land will bring them into sharp focus...

“When will we go back to normal?” This has been the question we’ve all contemplated since the moment we realized we were staring into the maw of a...

Column: Looking at logging a little differently


For good reasons, some people hold a dim view of commercial logging. The stumps and slash left behind create a careless and raw look. Logging...

Try to picture this scene: a mid-July afternoon at the tail end of a heat wave and I am driving on Vermont Route 14 with the White River running...

Column: Virtue of common decency


Protests and unrest following the May 25 killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis dominate our national consciousness and push concern for...

I began thinking about these words I now write on the first day of spring, a date etched into the books since the invention of the Gregorian...

Column: Wrestling with paradoxes


A couple of months ago, as I re-organized my garden shed for the winter, I uncovered an old galvanized pail. Nearly three decades had passed since...

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