Valley News Forum for March 15, 2023: Accept the new Cornish library

Published: 3/15/2023 6:13:34 AM
Modified: 3/15/2023 6:13:14 AM
Accept the new Cornish library

I’d like to share with you why I support the generous gift of a renovated modern library in Cornish. I’ve been working at the Stowell Library since 2003. Currently I’m an employee and vice chair of the Cornish Friends of the Library. I can honestly tell you that all library trustees, all library employees and volunteers, a majority of library patrons, and all of the members of the Friends of the Library support the move to a new location.

We are the users of the current Stowell Library and we understand the building’s limitations and lack of capacity. Recently, I went to a book club meeting where 16 residents attended. Needless to say, there was no room for us. People were sitting on tables and/or standing up for the entire meeting. There are only about three parking spaces in front of the library. The parking in winter is a nightmare.

Many of the townspeople who are against the acceptance of the new library building are not library patrons. I haven’t seen them in the building in my 20 years experience working at the library and some do not even have a Stowell Library card. I believe, if they were library patrons, they would understand the obstacles to operating a library without running water, a bathroom, no Americans with Disabilities Act access, dangerous front steps, no meeting spaces, and totally inadequate parking.

The acceptance of this generous gift will be a benefit to the town of Cornish for decades to come. New families and individuals might want to move to our small town. Cornish residents will have positive memories and experiences to share with their family and friends. I’m urging Cornish voters to come to our Town Meeting early on March 18 and vote yes on Article 6 to accept the free gift of a completely renovated modern library and community center.

Judith Kaufman


A Free Stater’s Uno reverse card

At the Meet the Candidates Day this past weekend in Croydon, one resident kept asking each candidate: Yes, or no, do you support the Free State movement? Do you support public education? Do you support the United States Constitution?

Here are three other questions each of them should have been asked: Yes or no, do you believe that you should respect the property and autonomy of others? Do you believe that people should pay for the services they use? Do you believe that people should be allowed to decide for themselves which charities to support, and how much support to offer?

If you answer “yes” to all three of these, then you do support the Free State movement. And if you answer ‘no’ to any one of them, then maybe it’s you — rather than Free Staters — that people should be afraid of.

Ian Underwood


It would be smarter to stay on standard time

A congressman is proposing for the country to be permanently on daylight saving time. He is not taking into account some pretty important facts. The world, the big round earth, is divided into 24 time zones. daylight saving time puts us out of sync with the rest of the world — I have family in Australia — generally a 12-hour time difference — we Skype. Daylight saving time messes that up. ... Imagine living in Indiana which has both at the same time!

And there are medical reasons. A doctor on CNN on March 11 pointed out that having later daylight before bed disturbs our sleep patterns and people have more accidents and heart attacks while on daylight saving time and not just for a couple of weeks in the spring. We should remain on standard time — that would be the smart thing to do for the country and the world — not daylight saving time. I agree that we need to stop changing back and forth — but it should be standard time.

Susan Brown


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