Forum, Sept. 18: Reelect Ruth Ward

Published: 9/18/2022 11:00:42 PM
Modified: 9/18/2022 11:00:02 PM
Support for Ruth Ward

Do you remember Bob Odell? He was our state senator for about 10 years. He did a lot for Claremont. Claremont knew they had a great state senator in Bob Odell. Bob Odell was my state senator and I liked his conservative and flexible way of working in Concord.

Ruth Ward is running for reelection and Claremont is now part of Senate District 8. Claremont is lucky. When you support Ruth Ward for state senator, it will be like having Bob Odell back in office. Ruth is conservative with state money but always looks at the benefits a city and town will get from those funds. If it benefits Claremont and our area towns, Ruth will vote for it. She knows what western New Hampshire needs and listens to all voters. Ruth brings common sense and common courtesy, which is in short supply these days, to her position as a senator. Ruth is smart. Everything can’t be funded and Ruth Ward will always figure out the best ways to vote on state spending bills and protect our district interests. If you don’t like a particular way she voted, ask her, Ruth will have good reasons for protecting (or spending) your state money. She has served the region well over the last six years, making sure the district gets good financial support from the state. Now Claremont is in Senate District 8 and will really benefit having Ruth Ward as state senator. Vote for Ruth Ward. Claremont will be glad she is representing District 8.

Steve Pierce

Bradford, N.H.

Walking to defeat Alzheimer’s

Fall in the Upper Valley is a beautiful time of year to be outside with friends. That makes it an ideal time for the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s, taking place on Saturday, Oct. 1.

Many of us have been there, watching people we love slowly and quietly slip away from our lives in the cruel grip of Alzheimer’s Disease. There are many ways we can turn up the volume to help them be seen and heard. Here are a few ideas:

Anyone can directly participate by starting, joining or donating to a walk team. We can wear purple to spread awareness for the cause. Every year, local businesses show their love and creativity by “going purple.” They make purple window displays; prominently feature event posters; create purple food and drink specials (like this week’s black raspberry deals at Ice Cream Fore-U); sponsor walk teams and unique fundraising events. Sports teams rally for the cause by wearing purple socks and/or shirts for games and workouts. And of course, we can all talk up these efforts on social media.

Every dollar raised from the walk goes to the Alzheimer’s Association to fund critical research towards finding a cure for the disease, while also providing free help to patients, families and caregivers on this difficult journey. The latest research offers up hope, as well as concrete lifestyle habits that will help protect ourselves from Alzheimer’s. If you want to learn more about the event and the work of the Alzheimer’s Association visit, google Upper Valley Walk to End Alzheimer’s or For more information call Co-Chairs Kathy Harvard at 603-667-7721 or Tim Fisher at 603-643-4448.

We hope to hear your voice, and see you out there enjoying a great day with great company on October 1.

Edie Thys Morgan


An all-time great could play on

Roger Federer need not retire. He can join us in Senior Tennis and compete in tournaments around the world for the next 50 years.

The International Tennis Federation (ITF), based in London, manages most tennis worldwide. Among many activities, it sponsors tournaments for senior players, those above age 35, in five year segments (35-39, 40-44, etc., to 90-95). Mr. Federer is 41; right now there are ITF tournaments in his age group of 40-44 going on in Mexico, France, Italy, Vietnam and Japan, among other places.

Weeks ago I participated in the ITF and U.S. Grass Court Championships for the 85-89 and 90-94 categories at Longwood Cricket and Tennis Club in Brookline, Mass. My 90-94 category was won by the world No. 1, George McCabe, an American; he beat me in the process. I and a partner lost in the doubles semi-finals.

Many ex professionals compete. Limited prizes are offered. Players are ranked. How would Mr. Federer do? Very well now, of course. But when he arrived to the 80s and 90s?

Raymond Malley


Quality is more than headline deep

Regarding the Valley News headlines, which one reader has described as “annoying”: I strongly support the view of Sept. 7 Forum contributor Joan Jaffe (“Clever headlines aren’t annoying”), who wrote that the headlines are “witty, clever and pithy.” I further agree with her that the entire newspaper is outstanding. Its coverage from the local to the international, its journalistic balance, its emphasis on good writing and photography, its range of arresting editorials and columns, its numerous news sources (including The Washington Post), the high quality of its staff reports, and even its superior copy editing — all make the Valley News one of the country’s best newspapers. In this age of dying newspapers, we desperately need such journalism.

Hilary Douglass Horton


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