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Forum, Nov. 30: Sorting mail

Published: 11/30/2022 10:52:21 AM
Modified: 11/30/2022 10:52:06 AM
A mail issue needs sorting

On Nov. 17, I left a small package at the West Lebanon post office to be delivered to a West Lebanon address, projected to arrive on Monday. When it had not arrived on Monday and indeed showed no movement after I left it at the P.O., I went to West Lebanon inquire. They did not have it and said it would have been sent to White River Junction for sorting. When I checked with White River Junction, they had no record of receiving it, so I assumed it had been lost. On Tuesday, the package showed as having been delivered — after being sent to Nashua for sorting! So, all’s well that ends well.

However, in the course of this situation, I asked why mail for West Lebanon, which was left at the West Lebanon P.O., was not just given to the carrier who delivered on that route. And the answer is what infuriates me — that the postal union is so strong. Seems that the clerks are authorized to accept mail but that’s all — it has to go somewhere else for sorting. I can understand the need for efficiency, but it is totally inefficient to send mail from West Lebanon to White River Junction and then back to West Lebanon to the carrier. There is no logical reason that there could not be a bin at the West Lebanon P.O. for mail to be delivered to West Lebanon and Heaven forbid, the receiving clerk “sort” West Lebanon mail into that bin.

I am a retired teacher, Life Member of the N.E.A., so I understand the need for and benefits of a strong union, both for the union members and for the community they serve. But this situation is just lunacy. Time for a little common sense, and I’ll even buy them a bin!

Art Pease


A college conspiracy theory

In these times, conspiracy theories are the drug of the day, but I am an unlikely pusher. Nevertheless, consider this:

Several years ago, the college claimed that a portion of the woods near the river and below the golf course was infested with disease. As a daily walker of this area, I saw no evidence of this. But the college embarked on a huge tree cutting project, clearing much of the land and decimating a beautiful woods. Shortly afterwards, the college declared the golf course — the area adjacent to the woods — was too expensive to maintain. A cadre of Dartmouth alumni, distressed by the loss of this historic course, offered to assume the entire cost of the course. The college declined this offer, giving no reason.

Now the college pushes ahead with a plan to build dormitories on an area of the defunct golf course despite the fact that the plan has no supporters from either the community or college, including faculty and alumni. Connecting the dots among these three decisions is an interesting exercise. Are they part of an overall plan?

Joan Jaffe


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