Forum, Nov. 3: Lovett, yes; Leavitt, no

Published: 11/3/2022 2:08:31 PM
Modified: 11/3/2022 2:08:13 PM
Lovett, yes; Leavitt, no

I’m supporting Claremont’s Charlene Lovett for New Hampshire Senate District 8 on Nov. 8, and urge all other District 8 voters to do the same.

A former Claremont mayor, city councilor, School Board member, and state Rep., Charlene has the breadth of experience necessary to be an effective state senator. A senator that will fight to preserve reproductive freedom, support public education, and work for cheaper, cleaner energy.

However, in recent interactions with several District 8 voters, I have noticed that some are confusing Charlene with Karoline Leavitt, the Republican nominee for U.S. Congress in the First Congressional District. Please remember that Charlene is a Democrat running for New Hampshire Senate, whose positions on these major issues are totally different from Leavitt’s.

Second, because District 8 to my knowledge is totally within the Second Congressional District, Leavitt’s name won’t even be on the ballot in our area.

Don’t be confused. If you agree with Charlene that preserving reproductive freedom, supporting public education, and working for cheaper, cleaner energy is vital, please vote for her Nov. 8!

State Rep. John Cloutier


Here’s ‘what’s wrong with Trump’

Many life-long Republicans like me felt forced in 2020 to choose the second worse candidate (Biden) over the worst candidate in 2020. I must be one of those who “are actually ignorant enough to think this idiot won the election,” (VN Oct 27 “What’s Wrong with Trump?”). I’m compelled to answer the question.

Trump doesn’t put “the United States first,” he puts himself and his political future first. It is clear he used the power of his office to withhold part of the defense budget allocated to Ukraine to leverage unproved allegations about Biden’s family business in the hope that he could politically benefit from a Biden scandal. For this he was rightly impeached.

Another example is his dismissal of the combined U.S. intelligence agencies’ conclusion regarding Russian election interference and then his acceptance of Vladimir Putin’s assurances instead. Vladimir Putin!

Just one more, do you think following the election Trump regrets belittling and denigrating a truly great American like John McCain? The state of Arizona sure took notice in the 2020 election.

Finally, does our history contain a more egregious violation of the oath of office than Trump’s use of that office for personal political gain? What could be worse than a United States President using the power of that office to keep himself in power? That is not democracy. And for those who continue to delude themselves that Trump won, it is clear that there is no evidence to support it. All the audits, all the lawsuits and litigation are done and most have been summarily laughed out of court. I call this “Seinfeld Politics” — “It’s not a lie if you really believe it!”

He lost and I believe he is unfit for office. Further, until the Republican Party returns to its traditional values, starting with telling the truth about election results, it will continue to lose voters like me and the country will have to endure the many failed policies of the Biden administration.

C. Daniel Dewey


Summing up
the NH governor’s race

Two reasons to vote against Chris Sununu for another term:

He has a long track record of delaying, denigrating and diminishing government and private action on climate change. This adds to our household and business energy costs, which are higher than anywhere else in the Northeast. And though ours is a small state, it needlessly accelerates the world’s and our trajectory to climate disaster.

He administers not for the long-term good of our state but for political results. Most recently, he delayed the use of almost $800,000,000 of federal stimulus money for a year, starting distribution as the election campaigns began this summer. The shortened time period reduces the effectiveness of the stimulus money, because projects on the ground are required under federal law to be designed, staffed and implemented in time frames now shortened by one year.

Two reasons to vote for Tom Sherman for governor:

He is running to stop the culture wars on teachers, doctors and women’s ability to control their own lives — and to save the Republican Party from the extremists who have taken it over.

He is a highly competent person, experienced in the flaws and advantages of our state’s government, with an administrative style that brings out the best in those he works with, and to all of our benefit.

N.H. Rep. Susan Almy


A ‘common sense’

I am writing to my friends and neighbors in support of Margaret Drye.

We have often talked about the need for a “common sense movement.”

Margaret is a common sense candidate who has the experience of leadership, the knowledge of government, the sincere desire to work for the people and the country we all love. I feel fortunate to have grown up in a political environment that did not feel married to any one party but to my country. My parents moved from one party to another depending on what the country needed at the time with a big emphasis on common sense of what would work to solve the current problems and meet the needs of the people. Let’s not miss this opportunity to have someone work for us that we trust, that has the proven experience and knowledge to work on the issues we face today. I have had years of teaching experience and have lived and worked with many people in many places. I’m big on common sense and this year I am voting for Margaret Drye.

Mauri Hodgeman


Save Social Security
and Medicare

Kevin McCarthy and Republican candidates have announced that they will cut Social Security and Medicare “entitlements” if they control the house. First of all, these are not entitlements, these are benefits paid for by us, the taxpayers!

Republicans want to cut spending. Ha! Donald Trump, by lowering taxes for his wealthy friends, left the biggest fiscal deficit, even before the pandemic, of any modern president. (Fact check that and Clinton who was the only modern president to balance the budget.)

President Biden has created the most jobs in history as well as the lowest unemployment. The infrastructure plan, rejected by most Congressional Republicans, has created huge employment and vast improvements to the structure of our country. Yet those very same Republicans are touting the success of repaired roads and bridges in their states.

President Biden wants to lower the price of drugs. Drug companies savor their huge profits and invest only a small amount in research.

Many of us in New Hampshire are retired and enjoy the benefits that we have earned. Please reelect Maggie Hassan who will fight to keep those benefits for us.

Sally Prince

New London

A worthy judge

Please vote to keep Assistant Judge Michael Ricci in office for the Windsor County courts. Ricci’s name on the ballot appears as “Independent.” That he was initially chosen and appointed to the position by Gov. Phil Scott, two years ago says worlds about his qualifications. That he has since received positive reviews and endorsements from many involved in the court system speaks to how well he has performed.

Since many of the duties of the position involve administration, it’s important to know that Ricci has years of past experience as an official of local government and in handling budgets for public schools, for a library, and for private businesses.

Our Windsor County courts will continue to be in good hands under Assistant Judge Ricci.

Honore Hager


Women have
a responsibility

For years the belief has been that life begins at conception. Attorneys have successfully sued for the death of a baby in the womb during an auto accident. The term “baby” has always been connected with humans. Only in recent years has the term “fetus” been used for a baby in the womb, seemingly promoted by those who favor abortion.

The 5th commandment states “you shall not kill.” I find it interesting that to please the populations, some religious organizations are now saying a woman’s reproductive rights are more important than their responsibility to nourish a life within them. I refer to the Oct. 9 letter to the editor: “Church takes a stand on reproductive rights.” Abortion is murder no less than any other taking of life.

If churches continue to support or look the other way with issues such as reproductive rights rather than responsibilities we are going to just increase the problems of a low birth rate, which will mean fewer people to work and support those who choose against or cannot work. Social Security is already in trouble. Hospitals, businesses and even government agencies are complaining about the lack of qualified help. What is the answer?

The coming election is looking like many voters will be single issue with those benefiting from abortion pushing that single issue and calling it woman’s’ rights.

I encourage each of you as you cast your vote to think about the entire picture — with the challenges of the economy, inflation, education, border issues, increased government controls — please don’t get misled by a single issue.

Larry Guaraldi


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