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Forum, Nov. 29: Growth and housing

Published: 11/30/2022 10:51:54 AM
Modified: 11/30/2022 10:51:20 AM

New growth
needs new housing

Those observing the enormous DHMC west side wing currently under construction should connect that to the controversy surrounding Dartmouth’s proposed 400-unit dorm and ask themselves some important questions.

Once these projects are completed to satisfy the obvious demand for more hospital beds and dormitory space, there will also be a need to hire the requisite doctors, nurses, LNAs, custodial staff and building engineers, not to mention clerical support, cafeteria and laundry workers. If these new hires have children, our schools will need more teachers. With regional unemployment rates hovering at 2-3%, where will all these employees come from? More importantly, where will they live? With inadequate public transportation and gas at $3.75 a gallon, it’s unreasonable to ask these future employees to commute 1-2 hours each way to such jobs. And with local monthly rentals averaging $2,000 and up for a 2 bedroom apartment, many cannot find or afford housing within a 30-mile radius.

Our housing shortage will not be solved until anyone proposing such expansion projects also includes a plan that designs, subsidizes and builds additional housing within a reasonable commuting distance. The patients and students will certainly arrive. Will there be sufficient personnel to support them once they’re here?

Jennifer Prileson


Chess story made
for a strong opening

Congratulations to Alexander Collins, 13-year-old Norwich resident, for becoming the youngest player ever to win the Vermont Open state chess tournament! (“13-year-old makes opening gambit: Norwich’s Alexander Collins becomes youngest player ever to win Vermont tournament,” Nov. 20) Also, thank you Valley News for the editorial decision to make it front page news on a Sunday, as it was an inspiring story to start the week.

Richard McNulty


One size must fit all

9/11; War on Terror; mass shootings; pandemics; catastrophic climate change. These are some boogie men of the 21st century — so far. And it’s barely been more than 20 years! So many crises to not let go to waste.

But, let’s see. What do they all have in common? What they all have in common is that they enable a pretext for control. As a single example, they incite fear and loathing about anthropocentric climate change. They demand a reset of our way of life. They want us to limit our carbon footprint. They seek to severely control our energy usage and our mobility. They want us to eat plant and insect-derived foods. They plan for us to live in smart cities, featuring 24/7 surveillance. All the while, they will feast on steak tartare and self-indulgent delicacies, travel in their private jets and yachts. The planetary imperatives certainly shall not apply to them. These people want to restore the feudal system. They want their fabulously entitled aristocracy while the rest of us live on crumbs.

Those who promote the solutions necessary to combat our greatest supposed threats are to be, themselves, exempt (of course). A sales pitch from Barack Obama falls on deaf ears while he lives a life of luxury in his ocean front mansion. The same is true for Al Gore, John Kerry, Klaus Schwab and the entirety of the (self-proclaimed) elite Davos crowd. The entreaties of Charlie, would-be King of the World, might be credible if these insufferable, sanctimonious, hypocritical, arrogant, self-serving frauds and phonies would bother to comply with the demands that they require of the rest of us. Some of us see right through their deceptions. We do not want to be their serfs. We do not comply.

Neil Meliment


Results run counter
to ‘straight ticket’

In response to Douglas Tuthill’s claim that voters went with a straight ticket (“Sorry state of America,” Nov. 17): This is not possible. If it were, then Gov. Scott of Vermont and Gov. Sununu of New Hampshire would not have won. It is not possible to elect Democratic senators and Republican governors if you only vote a straight ticket. This was also true of Trump. Many Republicans were voted in on ballots where he lost the election for president.

Aline Ordman

White River Junction

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