Valley News Forum for Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2023: Buyer beware at landfill

Published: 11-26-2023 4:31 PM

Landfill changes a sign of global failure

Lotta things going on in the world today and as part of the hippie generation that was supposed to save this planet I’m so ashamed at how we have failed.

You know it’s a small thing that the Lebanon Landfill is switching over from punch cards to recyclable garbage bag purchase. I was headed there the other day and needed to purchase a 10-punch card for my two bags of garbage. A local merchant had them for sale and I figured what the heck and bought three for $66. I noticed a sign that said “no refunds, returns or exchanges” but felt sure that the only fair and reasonable thing for the landfill to do was, after stopping the sale of punch cards, to allow the good people of the Upper Valley to use up their punchcards and then transition to the new system. After all a bag of trash is still a bag of trash.

But no! The other little sign inside at the merchant’s register informed me that after Dec. 31 punch cards will not be accepted.

If I have this wrong, my apologies to the landfill. But if I do have it right, can’t we the customers use up our punch cards and then transition to the new system? Doesn’t that seem like the fair thing to do rather than rip us all off?

It’s a small thing but journeys of a thousand miles start with one step. Maybe if we all treat each other in the way we would like to be treated, then maybe, just maybe, the world wouldn’t be such a mess.

Matt Cardillo

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MAGA leadership stifles Congress

As a part-time resident of both Washington, D.C. and New Hampshire, I am particularly distraught over the current House Republicans in Congress. Rep. Chip Roy, a Republican, has just blasted his own party for doing nothing. He is embarrassed, he has nothing to campaign on. He points out that they have not addressed the budget, the deficit, the border, the wars nor passed any meaningful legislation. They have spent hours blasting, firing and choosing a new MAGA leader. (Remember we taxpayers pay their salaries as they waste away their time.)

The MAGA right as well as the former president are narcissistic clowns whose main objectives are to berate the opposite party and/ or claim Trump won in 2020. (Remember Trump said he had no new policies when he lost that year.) His and MAGAs only playbook is to rant and rage, give tax breaks to the wealthy and increase the deficit (even before COVID). Think of the terrible damage Tommy Tuberville is doing to the military.

Many of our most valuable moderate republicans, Romney, Granger, Buck, et al., are retiring because they feel they cannot accomplish anything.

Unlike the clowns, they disapprove of DJT, the most unworthy, unpatriotic, and dangerous president in our history. A man who called veterans “losers” while faking bone spurs, sleeping with porn stars, telling lies, appointing unqualified donors, spewing bigotry, a cheapskate who won’t pay his employees or the IRS.

As a former Republican, I still have hope for a viable two party system, an end to MAGA and the triumph of democracy over fascism.

Sally Prince

New London

Inflation bill solves a lot of problems

Throughout our history, we’ve joined across races and places to solve big problems. The last two years prove what’s possible when a core group of elected leaders work for all of us to deliver what everyone needs to thrive; like the freedom to power our communities with clean energy and create good-paying, union jobs.

This was made possible by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) that passed a year ago. Our communities will benefit from 9 million jobs being created over the next 10 years. That’s just about 1 million good-paying, family-supporting jobs per year. The Inflation Reduction Act has already created over 170,600 jobs thanks to 272 new clean energy projects in 44 states. These jobs are being created across the country and are for everyone. Whether you live in a suburban, rural, or metropolitan area, have a college degree or not, there’s a job (and training) for all kinds of job seekers.

The IRA also will help save money. Homeowners can take advantage of discounts to reduce costs of making their homes more energy efficient. This includes things like insulation, weatherization, rooftop solar, energy efficient home appliances, electric cars, and more. Get more information on the website of the National Resource Defense Council.

Steve Gehlert

West Newbury, Vt.