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Forum, Nov. 11: Veteran’s Day

Published: 11/11/2022 11:21:40 AM
Modified: 11/11/2022 11:21:46 AM
A Veterans Day message

“Give me your tired your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” Anyone who has been up the East River in New York City has seen that beautiful Lady with the torch of enlightenment in her right hand. The millions who have come to this country for freedom and a better life know better than anyone what Lady Liberty stands for. Those same millions know what our beautiful flag stands for. If these United States of America were so terrible why are there still millions risking their lives trying to get here illegally and why are there millions already here illegally?

For those who choose to dishonor the flag and see it as a representation of “white oppression” you tell me a better place on this earth to live. For those who see nothing but the faults in this great country you should be required to learn about the things we’ve done wrong, but more importantly about the mountains that have been moved to make things better for all.

I’ve carried the flag at the head of my platoon on Parris Island as a member of a minority and I owe this country everything — the opportunity to succeed, to raise a family, to live a fruitful life. To you who seek to tear this country apart be forewarned there are plenty of like me who won’t let you. “God bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her through the night with the light from above.”

Semper fi,

Stuart Richards


How would Jesus vote?

I am truly baffled as to why so many conservative Christians vote Republican. The Jesus I learned about helps his neighbors and feeds the poor (robust social services), welcomes refugees and outcasts, protects the innocent (sensible gun laws) and expects the rich to pay their fair share in taxes.

The Jesus I know wants everyone, no matter what their income or skin color, to be healthy and have care when they are sick (universal health care). The Jesus I know cherishes children and wants them fed and well-educated at school, including learning the difficult lessons of the past so that tragic mistakes are less likely repeated. The Jesus I know values every person and would want their voice, their vote, to count.

I dare say that Jesus even values life so much that he would embrace every pregnant woman with compassion and trust to make their own decision about what is best, even if that decision is the painful one of abortion. The Jesus I know would support programs designed to make an unwanted pregnancy a rare event, programs such as sexual education (how glorious our bodies are), access to birth control and respect for all women and girls.

The Jesus I know is a Democrat.

Jeannie Hines


A career built on facts

In “Some see waste; he sees potential” (Valley News, Nov. 5) Frances Mize writes about Marc Morgan’s influence during his 12 years as Lebanon’s solid waste manager. Morgan has been credited, she writes, with “making Lebanon one of the most progressive municipal waste systems in New Hampshire.”

Showing how Morgan has made the case for transforming waste into resources we need to survive, Mize also reveals why local journalism is important now, when truth itself seems to be in great trouble. We are so politically polarized, many of us seem to believe facts just aren’t helpful anymore. We’re too mutually suspicious to agree on them. But Mize shows how Marc Morgan’s career in Lebanon was built on carefully explained, locally observable facts, suggesting the possibility of shared truth that could provide important common ground in our deeply divided land.

Bill Nichols

West Lebanon

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