Forum, Aug. 21: Hartford RV amendment

Published: 8/21/2022 10:03:44 PM
Modified: 8/21/2022 10:00:11 PM
A case for RV space

Today, I would like to engage readers in a discussion concerning the amendment to allow recreational vehicles to be used as dwellings on private property in Hartford. This move will allow property owners to make their own decisions on how their property is utilized. It may also alleviate the distress many of our community members are experiencing due to the lack of affordable housing in the Upper Valley.

Our region, along with the rest of the nation, is experiencing a housing crisis. This crisis is historic in its scope, and nature. It is due, in part, to skyrocketing prices on rents, utilities, health care, child care, education, food, clothing, fuel, etc. Escalating prices coupled with an opioid epidemic, the COVID pandemic, economic uncertainty, and global warming has made the situation untenable for many.

No one wants to see a fellow community member suffer. To have to sustain a life based on the kindness of strangers. To be ridiculed due to their circumstances in life. It is particularly shameful that many of these individuals are veterans who call our streets, parks, underpasses and other public and private spaces home.

“No” is not a solution to this problem. Yes, there are questions to be answered and regulations to be discussed, but this is not and cannot be a barrier to progress on this issue. Humans have created these things and, as a result, humans can improve upon them. So let us start here. Let us work to pass this amendment to allow property owners autonomy and to provide our most vulnerable an opportunity to obtain a modicum of dignity. To live their lives in the best way they can under the circumstances.

I believe Hartford has a unique opportunity to play a transformational role in alleviating the effects of this crisis by providing an alternative housing model, and this is the first step.

Dylan Kreis


Mike Cryans for Executive Council

I write in strong support of Mike Cryans for election to the Executive Council, District 2.

Early on, I encouraged Mike to run for the office because he has the energy, enthusiasm and dedication to effectively represent all people in the district. Mike served with distinction when he was elected for a two-year term in 2018. The NH Executive Council approves state contracts over $10,000, confirms state commissioners and directors and grants pardons. The Executive Council acts as a board of trustees for the state of New Hampshire and as a check on the governor. Born and raised in Littleton, N.H., Mike has worked for New Hampshire residents during his entire career — first as a teacher, later as a banker and up until a few years ago as an administrator of a social service agency. Mike served for 19 years as a member of the Grafton County Board of Commissioners.

Mike is a strong supporter of renewable energy projects. As Grafton County Commissioner, he supported a geothermal project for the new Grafton County Jail and a biomass project for the county. Together, these projects significantly reduced the county’s oil consumption.

When in office, Mike personally visited all 108 towns and four cities in his district and met with local officials and interested parties. Mike’s priority is constituent service and he has assisted many people with unemployment compensation, disability claims and state permitting issues. Mike will serve all the people of District 2, regardless of political affiliation. He knows the district well and is a good steward of the public trust.

Please vote for Mike Cryans for the Executive Council, District 2 in the Democratic primary on Tuesday Sept. 13.

Gerald Coogan

New London

How will the Inflation
Reduction Act work?

I have a question. Why would anyone, who pays their taxes, want to pay more taxes so the government can hire someone to make sure that they are paying their taxes? Well your senators and members of Congress, from both New Hampshire and Vermont, voted to do this. All part of The Inflation Reduction Act, which the Congressional Budget Office, several prominent economists and even Bernie Sanders, of all liberals, indicated will not reduce inflation. But it will increase taxes on all businesses large and small, your price at the pump, heating oil, propane, natural gas and electricity. All of which you will pay indirectly, increasing your cost of living. Isn’t this really a green energy bill giving billions to solar and wind companies? I remember Obama tried this with Solyndra, Abound Solar, Beacon Power Ener1 and other companies that went bankrupt.

Please, someone tell me how spending $750 billion while just having the potential to reduce prescription drugs costs and guessing that the act will recoup an estimated $676 billion over the next 9 years (The Tax Foundation). Heck, that’s only a loss of $74 billion.

Bruce St. Peter


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