Forum, June 8: Veterans flags in Hartford

Published: 6/8/2022 6:02:25 AM
Modified: 6/8/2022 6:00:17 AM

A previous version of the following letter contained inaccurate information about the time of the service.

Veterans flags in Hartford

The Hartford Veterans Council has put out flags on all the Hartford cemeteries. If we have missed any please call Veterans of Foreign Wars at 802-295-9745 or Denis Backus at 603-369-0329.

Please leave the flags there this fall as we take the flags off and leave the sticks so we know where they need to go next spring. We do this just after Veterans Day. If anyone has flags that need to be retired, leave them at the VFW. The service is June 12 at 10:30 a.m. Thank you.

Denis Backus


The writer is president of the Hartford Veterans Council.

Washington Post editorial was off base

It is pathetic that the Valley News would publish a Washington Post editorial claiming that the understanding of the Second Amendment as an individual right is a rather recent event. Apparently The Washington Post “forgot” that the Second Amendment is contained within the first 10 amendments to the Constitution, otherwise known to anyone other than a liberal as the Bill of Rights, all of which represent individual rights! It would appear that the Valley News needs to find more reliable sources for its editorial page.

I have no doubt that many of your readers suck this nonsense up without any thought, but the Valley News should know better than to publish such a ridiculous idea.

Jim Newcomb

North Haverhill

Alarmed by dailygun violence reports

Today’s newscasts take me back to the days of the Vietnam War, when the lead story was often a body count.

Have others noticed that today’s radio news reports start with how many Americans — many of them children — died in shootings?

Thanks, Republicans! The legislators you elected are responsible for not exploring any actions that might reduce mass murders by uncontrolled access to firearms, starting with assault weapons in adolescent civilian hands.

And I hope Arizona and West Virginia voters will remove the two senators who are blocking the end of filibusters, which also prevent passage of life-saving reforms.

Michael Whitman


The world’s many problemsdemand action now

I sympathize with Matt Lewis’ anguish and exasperation. Why? Read his article “This Is All So Tragic and We Are So F*cked” (May 27, Daily Beast). Biden says he’s “sick and tired of it (mass shootings).” The Washington Post reported his asking “Where in God’s name is our backbone?” Given congressional history, you won’t find too much spine in the halls of Congress these days, especially from the lawmakers who are in the pockets of PACs and the wealthy.

Don’t get me wrong — I admit Congress must author our laws, but in this world of secure websites, pocket computers and (almost) free internet, why the hell aren’t citizens the ones who vote on or veto bills? And similarly, while the president nominates SCOTUS candidates, the popular vote should determine who warms the bench. A true democracy must heed its people.

Justice isn’t the only crisis. We know the ever poleward march of climate (thanks to humankind’s mismanagement) drives migrations, leaving stationary organisms behind. By the time we reach Antarctica, Santa’s home at the opposite pole will be no more. The only way to fix this is by becoming stewards of this planet — before we cross the tipping point, i.e., NOW.

Some would argue the economy is the principal directive. Hogwash. While our misuse of the environment induces animals (human or otherwise) to migrate across our southern border, a green economy would alleviate the drive, with animals following the climate back to the land they evolved in. Naturally, the planet’s health will need triage, but with the ecosystem running on all cylinders, all creatures will breathe easier. Related, The New York Times recently reported that the “E.P.A., Reversing Trump, Will Restore States’ Power to Block Pipelines.”

Let’s consolidate the issues: the ecosystem’s in crisis, mother nature’s retaliating, the judiciary’s heavily biased against humanitarianism and advocates for Big Business and corporate matters, ditto for police, there’s too many deniers, not enough skeptics. And since the above represents a system, righting one problem at a time is whack-a-mole-ish. We must induce the Green New Deal across the board … STAT!

We can make it happen. Doing nothing or obstructing GND are both genocide and suicide.

Kevin M. Leveret

White River Junction

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