Forum, June 7: Calling Hanover High alumni

Published: 6/7/2022 10:42:55 AM
Modified: 6/7/2022 10:40:46 AM
Calling Hanover High alumni

Many of us who graduated from Hanover High remember our old friend William Murphy, aka Murf Dawg, Papa Smurf, Murf the Surf or just plain Bill. I have had the privilege of knowing him for 61 years.

Bill started his Hanover High career in 1961 and is still reporting to his classroom today. He has been (for the last 10 years, and maybe more) attempting to get together an alumni association for us grads. Well, things are beginning to take hold and there is now a date for our “All-Alumni Party.” The date is June 18. The time is 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The place to gather is the cafeteria at the high school.

Meet Hanover staff retirees, receive a tour of the new high school, meet and greet old friends and classmates, and enjoy some music AND free food at the cafe!

Another great thing to remember is that Bill has put together a 163-page bound book with photos about the history of Hanover High School called Did You Know? I have my copy and a lot of our grads do too. Get one on the 18th.

Dan Perrier


Beware of outside influences

I am 81 years old, and I cannot believe what is happening to our United States of America: the home of the brave, love, kindness and religion. We are being taken advantage of by a handful of greedy crooks and lowlifes.

This is outright treason. Obama in his first State of the Union speech warned us about money in politics. Our Chief Justice Roberts just smiled, just as he did at the second impeachment of Trump. Money has bought all politicians: Democrats and Republicans. This is why prices for food, prescription drugs and gas are so high. These companies today can do what they want with the help of Congress, but they have to have an excuse, like the war in Ukraine, or Biden.

We don’t know anything. Every man jack is being thrown under the bus by a bunch of sweet-talking trash. Lies and propaganda on the news stations convince your feeble minds to vote for them so they can help corrupt this country.

Greed and power will prevail if all you so-called educated people just sit on your hands and say “I don’t care.” You want your friends and family to grow up in this world of hatefulness and lies and to be controlled by a few lowlifes? Look at Russia, China and North Korea. You want that life? Well, you are headed that way. High costs of gas, food and medicine are the fault of money in politics, not Biden. Use your brain other than just to grow hair on it. We keep doing what we are doing and we will keep getting what we are getting. Money controls our government. We are to blame.

Robert H. Pollard


Struggling to make sense of right-wing ‘gun safety’

As I watch and read the reports of the shootings in Buffalo and Texas, so many questions come to mind — how do we as a society allow these things to happen over and over again? Why does it seem that there will never be any meaningful action taken to try to prevent the thousands of gun deaths every year? My thoughts jump from one thing to another, trying to make sense of all this, but there is no sense to be made.

At this moment, the focus seems to be on the tragedies of mass shootings that occur with depressing regularity. However, we should not lose sight of the many deaths and injuries that occur every day: suicides, accidental shootings and shootings that occur in the commission of a crime. The common thread that runs through all of this is the easy availability of, and easy access to, all kinds of firearms.

Although I should no longer be shocked, I have been stunned by the contortionist skills of so many Republicans in their desperate attempts to attach blame to anything but the guns. “It must be mental illness.” Then we must ask Gov. Abbott why over $200 million for mental health care was recently cut from the Texas budget. There also appears to be strong Republican resistance to the proposals for universal background checks and red flag laws. How do we find the people with mental health issues if we don’t have the sensible tools of background checks and red flag laws?

Then we have Sen. Cruz, who recently expressed such concern about the books used in some schools and blamed inadequate doors. Apparently, he believes that books and words are more dangerous than AR-15s. And there is the cockamamie suggestion of arming teachers. No one has ever specified how this would work. We read about so many children who have died because they found an unsecured gun. Do we really want teachers walking around carrying guns as they teach? We should be looking at how we can reassure children that school is a safe place.

When will we hold Republicans, state legislatures, the NRA and gun manufacturers to account? How many more lives must be sacrificed?

Susan Mattson


Learn about Jan. 6 findings

Many of us know that the congressional hearings investigating the Jan. 6 day of violence have been going on for many months. But did you know that the committee findings will begin to be broadcast nationally for the first time on Thursday, June 9, at 8 p.m.? I am joining a nationwide effort to create watch events for this special occasion. Our event will be held in the Hayward Room at Dartmouth’s Hanover Inn on Thursday, June 9, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Do you want to learn what really happened that fateful day in January and in the months leading up to and after it? I certainly do. But make sure to come with an open mind. The watch event is nonpartisan and sponsored by Public Citizen and Open Democracy, whose purpose is to elevate the importance of free and fair elections.

We’re honored to have Linda Fowler, professor of government; Frank J. Reagan, chair emeritus in policy studies; Russell Muirhead, professor of democracy and politics at Dartmouth; and a representative from the New Hampshire House giving opening remarks. They will begin their remarks at 7:30 p.m., and the broadcast will go from 8-9:30 p.m. (approximately).

Seating capacity in the Hayward room will be 75. We are following COVID seating safeguards. MASKS ARE REQUIRED. We are not serving food, but water will be available. And to add a little sweetness to the occasion, Ben and Jerry (of the famous Ben & Jerry’s) want to show their support for these events by giving every attendee a coupon for a pint of their ice cream(!).

Thank you for joining your fellow residents as we learn what happened before, during and after that fateful day.

RSVP here:

Please let everyone in your circle know about this event! Thank you — and we hope to see you there!

Jean and Bill Brown


The writers are volunteer organizers for Open Democracy.

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