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Forum, Sept. 9: Route 120 protestors have created a garbage dump

Published: 9/8/2021 9:59:58 PM
Modified: 9/8/2021 10:00:06 PM
Route 120 protestors have created a garbage dump

It is doubtful that the protestors who have set up camp on the corner of Route 120 and Centerra Parkway read the Valley News, but I would like to send them a message anyway:

Their World War II truck, popup tents and offensive signs have all created an eyesore at the doorway of Lebanon and Centerra Parkway. Actually, it’s more accurate to say they have created what looks like a garbage dump.

This is no way to make a point, which is apparently that “mandates are torture.” Torture is waterboarding. Torture is pulling out fingernails.

I support them taking their show on the road.



Poles and cable an eyesore

When the Lyman Bridge was completed between West Lebanon and White River Junction, most utility lines were relocated under it. But not the Verizon cable and cruddy old poles that support it.

The view down river continues to be polluted, but not surprisingly, as Verizon has stonewalled other communities in the same way, including ones with proper historic districts.

According to a notice that appeared in the Valley News, Lebanon is being asked to approve undergrounding for a variety of utility projects. Will the city give Verizon a pass, or will it require that the cable and the cruddy old poles that hold it up be removed?

We’ll be watching, literally.



Power of racism in politics

The Sunday opinion column by Dartmouth College professor Randall Balmer (“Race, Reagan and the rise of the Religious Right,” Sept. 5), reminding us to never underestimate the power of racism in politics and the religious right in this country, is much appreciated.



Going where the votes are

Randall Balmer ended his Sunday opinion column on “Race, Reagan and the rise of the Religious Right” (Sept. 5) by concluding that President Ronald Reagan “was very much in that (racist) loop.” It is impossible to know what is in anyone’s heart, but here is a different conclusion highlighted by two metaphors.

Wee Willie Keeler, one of baseball’s all-time best hitters, with a career batting average of .341, said, “I hit ’em where they ain’t,” meaning the fielders.

Willie Sutton, a career bank robber with over $2 million stolen, reportedly answered a newsman’s question, “Why do you rob banks?” with: “Because that is where the money is.”

Perhaps Reagan visited Mississippi at the start of his campaign for president because that is where the votes were, and not because he was a racist.



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