Forum, Sept. 8: Fix immigration, don’t give up rights

Published: 9/7/2019 10:00:08 PM
Fix immigration, don’t give up rights

I think it is outrageous and anti-American to randomly search cars traveling on public roads. Is there any true American willing to surrender rights like freedom to travel, privacy and protections against unreasonable search and seizure? Live free or die — does this mean anything?

For those concerned about people being in the country illegally: Demand that your politicians fix 90-plus years of failing to provide low-skill immigrants with a legal way to do the jobs we benefit from them doing. The villains are not the hard-working people who do jobs Americans don’t want, it’s the politicians who can’t stomach giving them permission to enter the country legally. We need to reform our immigration laws, not surrender our values or rights.


White River Junction

I am the victim of sabotage

Regarding the Associated Press article about the escaped pigs in Orange, Vt. (“250 pigs escape Vt. farm; most back, some with help from hot dog buns,” Aug. 30): I’m the farmer. Someone sabotaged our fencing and purposefully let our livestock out, damaging the fencing in many places. This has been done before. In this case, 99% of the pigs never left my land.

I also own the road. The town merely has a right of way to maintain and travel on the road. The pigs certainly did not stop people from using the road. Our road normally gets about one car an hour. Because of this news article, traffic shot up, but there were no incidences of conflict between pigs and people.

The pigs did no significant damage anywhere, just a little rooting and almost all of that on my land. I live a long ways from anyone else. Only a small number of pigs were on the road and most of those were piglets. None of the pigs were chasing people.

It is a shame that this situation has been sensationalized. It is even worse that the victim — me — is being blamed. I am the victim of sabotage and multiple robberies, which have been reported to the Vermont State Police. The police now have very good surveillance video recordings of the robbers and their vehicles, as well as objects that likely have fingerprints. The robberies and sabotage appear related as this sort of thing has been going on for months. I hope the police catch them and that they are convicted, thrown in jail and required to pay restitution to me. It would be nice if people stopped blaming the victim and instead went after the perpetrators.


Orange, Vt.

Be open to different points of view

I had to laugh at the recent letter from Peter Magoon regarding the dropped comic (“We’re missing Mallard Fillmore, Sept. 1). Isn’t his call to get rid of the “pompous and shamelessly biased Doonesbury” emblematic of all that is wrong with public discourse today? Anything that goes against our personal beliefs is, at best, “biased.”

I agree that Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau certainly has a liberal point of view. But by that standard, isn’t Bruce Tinsley, the creator of Mallard Fillmore, also “shamelessly biased,” perhaps even “pompous”?

I suppose the Valley News could run more political cartoons by Lisa Benson, if only it would get rid of the “pompous and shamelessly biased” Tom Toles. It goes without saying that the Valley News should also stop printing opinion pieces by Steve Nelson.

We need to lighten up. Enjoy Doonesbury for the witty way Trudeau presents his message, even as you disagree with it. I admit that, although I didn’t often agree with the message of Mallard Fillmore, I did get a chuckle out of it. We might also try talking occasionally to people we don’t agree with. Both of us just might come away a little bit enlightened to a different point of view.



Electric Vehicle Expo set for Sept. 14

The fifth annual Upper Valley Electric Vehicle Expo will take place Sept. 14, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (rain or shine), at the Dothan Brook School in White River Junction as part of National Drive Electric Week. The Expo is free and open to the public. Attendees are encouraged to pre-register online at for a chance to win $250.

Electric car, bicycle, motorcycle and lawn equipment dealers and owners from across the region will bring the latest all-electric and plug-in hybrid models for visitors to explore, with some offering free test rides. Vehicles will include the popular Nissan Leaf and Chevy Bolt, as well as the Tesla Models 3 and S, BMW i3, Jaguar I-Pace and others. Advance Transit will bring information about the new all-electric buses it will soon acquire and the Dartmouth Racing Team will also bring its electric race car.

Starting at noon, multiple workshops will explain the technology, economics and charging of electric vehicles, and the incentives available to make them more affordable for everyone. Information on e-bike features and how to use them, choosing the right e-bike, and e-bike maintenance, storage and battery care also will be offered. There also will be free refreshments, cookies baked onsite in a solar-powered oven, food trucks and a gift for the first 375 families to arrive. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own cups, plates and utensils to help minimize waste.

The Expo is part of National Drive Electric Week, which is organized by the national Sierra Club, the Electric Automobile Association and Plug In America.

For more information, call 802-785-4126 or email





The writers are co-organizers of the Upper Valley Electric Vehicle Expo.

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