Forum, Sept. 8: Claremont Council to Meet Monday on Energy Bill Vetoes

Friday, September 07, 2018
Claremont Council to Meet on Vetoes

Several New Hampshire newspapers have reported that I have added my name to a letter requesting that the Legislature override Gov. Chris Sununu’s vetoes of two energy-related bills, SB365 and SB446. This is incorrect. As a city council/city manager form of government, any position that the city of Claremont takes on policy must be supported by a majority of the City Council. Energy policy is a complex subject, and the council is committed to a full discussion of these bills before taking a position.

The council is meeting on Monday to make a final decision on the issue. Only then will I have the authority to either add or omit my name from the letter.

Charlene Lovett


The writer is the mayor of the city of Claremont.

Backing Stiegler and Greyes

I am writing to encourage Grafton County voters to vote in the Sept. 11 Democratic primary for Jeff Stiegler for Grafton County Sheriff and for Natch Greyes for Grafton County Attorney.

Jeff Stiegler has served as a police officer, detective, mountain bike patrol officer and police chief. He helped modernize technology for his department and is in charge of a dispatch system that serves more than 60 emergency agencies. As sheriff, he will be very active in community outreach. It is easy to see that he can be tough and no-nonsense if needed. However, he has such a friendly manner that it will be natural for folks to want to meet him and cooperate with him. I feel confident that he will interact very effectively with his staff, other agencies and the public.

Natch Greyes has worked as an attorney in several regions in our county. I was very impressed that he looks at the whole picture, rather than focusing only on getting a conviction. He wants to help prevent crime by helping addicts get appropriate treatment. He wants to expand services to victims of violence. He wants to help veterans with PTSD use the VA and incorporate those services into the local court structure. Yes, he is kind and caring, but he certainly is not a pushover. He is smart and very methodical when evaluating the evidence and presenting his case. When he is the county attorney, he will be available to everyday citizens to hear your concerns and your suggestions. He can take complicated ideas and summarize them in a logical way.

Please vote for Jeff Stiegler and Natch Greyes.

Helen Skeist


Re-Elect Kelley Monahan

Recently, while serving as the interim executive director of the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission, I had the distinct pleasure of working with Kelley Monahan, Grafton County’s register of deeds, to resolve some contentious issues in the county. I found Monahan to be responsive, trustworthy, reliable, intelligent and logical, and tolerant of different perspectives. She listens well and respectfully to what citizens are saying to her. Residents of Grafton County should feel in good hands with such a fine public official of her integrity and commitment.

Please be aware that I am speaking for myself only and not for the commission, which as a public agency is apolitical and takes no positions on elections of candidates. I heartily endorse Kelley Monahan for re-election as our register of deeds.

Jonathan Edwards


Give Us Rail Trail Runners a Shout

I am writing to encourage bicyclists riding on the Northern Rail Trail to announce themselves when approaching a runner or walker from behind (“on your left” works well). Many runners and walkers listen to music, and some of us have impaired hearing, so a loud announcement is appreciated.

Bicycles on the trail are usually very quiet, and it is startling to have one suddenly appear next to you. While I try to run on the right, I occasionally find myself wandering into the middle of the trail, and have almost been hit by a bicycle rapidly approaching from behind. The Northern Rail Trail is a wonderful resource for all of us to enjoy, so let’s be sure to keep it safe.

Jack Cronenwett


A Smugness About Other’s Decisions

In citing a Valley News reader’s observation about Brett Kavanaugh’s purported agreement with Antonin Scalia’s position on Roe v. Wade (“Careful What You Wish For,” Sept. 5), the Forum writer fails to grasp that had his parent been the victim of immaturity, poverty or rape, or had he been born with a severe disability, he may have been raised with a much less smug attitude about the difficult reproductive decisions of others.

David Grobe


It’s Time to Ignore Trump’s Tweets

I would suggest that we all stop reading any stories specifically regarding the midnight tweets of our president. Public grousing doesn’t have any effect until it is actually acted upon, and at this point, the outrageousness of the statements he makes should come as no surprise to anyone.

I would argue that just the fact that he is our leader does not make everything he does newsworthy. And our news organizations ought to know better.

Barry Wenig


The Left Lacks Tolerance

I hope all of your readers are giving their full attention to how “tolerant” the left is being to Judge Brett Kavanaugh as he is being considered for the Supreme Court vacancy: shouting him down, not allowing him to answer their questions, lying about his record, etc.

What a disgrace, and by the ones who claim to worship the legacy of Sen. John McCain because of the bipartisanship that he showed. They demonstrate to all who are watching that their idea of tolerance is: “Agree with us or else!”

Now I want your readers to just imagine just how tolerant the left will be should they ever have the reins of power again. I see the suspension of the Bill of Rights leading to re-education camps, gulags, even death camps for those who disagree with them in the future, should that ever happen.

Jim Newcomb

North Haverhill