Forum, Sept. 7: The Sweetness of Summer Music

Thursday, September 06, 2018
The Sweetness of Summer Music

As we slide into the cacophony of the “will-it-never-end” election season, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate one of the great pleasures of living in the Upper Valley — outdoor concerts on our town greens.

My husband and I kept our lawn chairs busy this summer enjoying the incredible variety of music available for our listening pleasure at Colburn Park in Lebanon, at Lyman Point Park in White River Junction, on the greens in Quechee and Norwich, and on Dartmouth Green in Hanover. We enjoyed big-band music, straight-ahead rock, incredible vocals, music from Haiti, funk from a great local band, folk, blues, singer-songwriters, and a showcase of the up-and-coming talents at the Upper Valley Music Center. (You haven’t lived until you’ve watched a 5-year-old play a cello.)

Seriously, if you missed this, you missed one of the best parts of the summer. So we would like to thank the recreation departments in Hartford and Lebanon, the Women’s Club in Norwich and the Hopkins Center at Dartmouth College for a wonderful seasonal interlude that reminded us all of the essential sweetness of life.

Sonja Hakala

West Hartford

Marchand for N.H. Governor

New Hampshire needs visionary leadership for the 21st century, and former Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand is that leader.

He is a smart, optimistic and thoughtful New Hampshire native. His background in public policy and auditing, and his working relationships with New Hampshire business leaders, give him a unique view of what works in state government. Watching him meet people, listen to their concerns, and share his vision, grounded in present realities but focused on the future, can make even the most skeptical among us hopeful.

Jan Williams


Gesler for Register of Deeds

I’ve known Liz Gesler for years and she is very professional, competent and, as an experienced business owner, she will bring a lot of knowledge and skills to the position of Grafton County register of deeds.

Gesler’s name will appear on the Democratic Party ballot, but you may write her in if you are voting Republican. The position of register of deeds does not write policy but follows procedures. As a result, it is party neutral.

It is important to have someone process your paperwork in a timely and efficient manner. See you at the voting booth.

Darlene Moore

West Lebanon

What More Do We Need?

How soon we forget: When Barack Obama was president of the United States and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died, the Republican-controlled Congress would not consider Obama’s nominee to replace him, even though Obama still had 11 months remaining in his second term. Now we have a so-called Republican president and a Republican-controlled Congress and they want to replace recently retired Justice Anthony Kennedy right away, even though the midterm elections are only a couple of months away. Why not wait?

Bill Shine, President Donald Trump’s choice as his new deputy chief of staff, should fit right in with the rest of Trump’s lying Cabinet. He graduated from the Putin College of Liars and he worked for Fox News, the sister station to Russian-controlled Pravda News.

Now the American people are all set. We have a Russian-elect president and vice president and a Cabinet full of crooks and liars. What more do we need? (A war?)

May God bless these United States. We need his help because our officials do not have a backbone, Trump holds the purse strings, and Putin controls Trump. (Sad.) Put more money into politics.

Robert Pollard