Forum, Sept. 27: She Wants Her 15 Minutes of Fame

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
She Wants Her 15 Minutes of Fame

Let me try to understand Jennifer Rubin’s Washington Post opinion column (“Kavanaugh’s Accuser Has Multiple Options,” Sept. 21):

■ A 15-year-old girl goes to a party (she cannot remember where) and was fondled (now she recalls it was almost rape).

■ She cannot remember how she got home.

■ She didn’t tell anyone, even her parents, because she did not want to get the parents at whose house the party was held, whose name she can’t recall, in trouble.

■ She “forgets” all about the incident until 2012, when she and her husband go to “couples counseling.” (Funny, all of the people I know who have gone to couples counseling went to a marriage counselor, not a psychiatrist.)

■ She retrieves her memory in 2012, but does not think to go public with it until July, when she mails a letter to 85-year-old Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, who doesn’t send the letter to the FBI until September, after Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings have already begun.

Yes, I completely understand it now. Some people will do anything for 15 minutes of fame.

Marcella Logue


This Has Got to Stop

Men have to wake up. A new, “Not Me, Not Now, Never” movement has to emerge.

Congress has to pass a law mandating that any “sexual misconduct” charge will be required to include DNA testing, phone records and two years of past emails. The accuser must submit to two polygraph tests and identify herself or himself with photographs and a current handwriting analysis. (This is especially relevant in this case, since Sen. Dianne Feinstein received a letter from Christine Blasey Ford alleging abuse by Brett Kavanaugh when they were in high school. I would like an identical letter typed and presented to Ford to be written again, then compare the handwriting.) Also, there should be a six-month statute of limitations.

Whether Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein, or your husband or son, this has to stop. These bitter feminist-driven attacks are by dysfunctional, hate-filled Kathy Griffin-Maxine Waters lunatics. When are decent women going to stand up? The feminists tell us all sex is rape. Feinstein says “misconduct” is anything she says it is.

Enough is enough, period.

Jim Argentati

Lyme Center

There Is No Defense

If an uncorroborated, unprovable accusation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh derails his confirmation to the Supreme Court, no male in America is safe from a similar charge. And there is simply no defense.

Jeff Lehmann

Lyme Center

The Truth Will Out

As I watch former female law clerks attest to their wholehearted support of Brett Kavanaugh and read ongoing coverage of the St. Paul’s School sexual abuse scandal, it occurs to me how sick I am of privileged preppies who never evolve as human beings beyond the cosseting bubble of their childhoods. I’m now thankful that I, daughter of a Harvard Ph.D. and granddaughter of a Stanford Ph.D., had a relatively hardscrabble upbringing far from the inbred establishment of privilege and power: white wealth, segregation and Ivy League entitlement.

As was demonstrated in the years after the 1991 Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill hearings, when several other women who had worked under Thomas came forward and corroborated Hill’s testimony of sexual harassment by him: Vincit veritas. Truth prevails.

There is much evidence of Kavanaugh having spent his prep school years drinking heavily and carousing with his best friend, Mark Judge, who documented such in a published memoir and who refuses to testify under oath about the incident of attempted rape by Kavanaugh that Christine Blasey Ford has attested to. She has already taken a lie detector test.

In addition to the truth eventually — inevitably, over time — being revealed about Kavanaugh’s character, the truth about the crimes perpetrated by President Donald Trump and members of his family will eventually, inevitably, be revealed through the investigative process of our legal system. Get ready for it, all you complicit Republicans.

Alice Morrison

Newbury, Vt.