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Forum, Sept. 2: Write a letter (or a song) to our Planet Earth

Published: 9/1/2019 10:00:09 PM
Modified: 9/1/2019 10:00:07 PM
Write a letter (or a song) to our Planet Earth

What would you say if you could speak directly to our Planet Earth? Randolph’s recently formed Climate Emergency Group wants to encourage you to do just that. For this project, we are requesting that you (and people of all ages and towns) write letters to our Planet Earth expressing your heartfelt thoughts, feelings, fears or gratitude. Songs, drawings and paintings are also encouraged. You can send your letter (or art or music idea) to or to

If you are open to having your letter read aloud, we would like your permission to read your letter at a public gathering in Randolph (still in the planning stages) to take place on Sept. 20. The Randolph event will coincide with thousands of other climate-change events taking place that day all over the world. If you wish your letter to be considered for the Sept. 20 event, please submit it to us by Sept. 10. The project will continue after the event, so please keep sending us your ideas throughout the coming months.

We are also open to other ideas people may have about this project, such as getting schools and youth groups involved, publishing the letters and artwork in local, regional and national newspapers, and perhaps eventually publishing a book.

So get your creative juices flowing, and let our Planet Earth know what inspires you.



A new presidential election paradigm

My sister, Julia, has a good idea that I want to share with all the Democratic candidates running for president: It’s time to shift the presidential election paradigm. We have a current occupant in the White House who is tilting our world in a very dangerous direction, and now we — who value truth, love, empathy and compassion over greed and bigotry — must right the world. New tactics are necessary.

So, here’s the charge: Whoever among the 20-plus Democratic candidates begins to emerge as the leader in the next few months will become the nominee. The second becomes her or his running mate. Those remaining will assume major roles in the administration as the heads of the executive departments according to their strengths and preferences. They all become part of one team, one large wave to reclaim this country and begin the process of rebuilding the dignity and strength of the United States of America.

They must commit to stop fighting each other at that point, pool their resources and work together. They must gather their supporters and bring them into this new team that will honor democracy and integrity. They all must shed their egos, become heroes and save America.

Please choose to lead us together to victory in 2020.


White River Junction

A bold real estate opportunity

I am not a supporter of President Donald Trump, but I have to admit that his desire to buy Greenland is a bold move. It is in a long tradition of American acquisitions, including the Louisiana Purchase (1803), the purchase of Alaska (1867) and, of course, the forced purchase in 1848, after war with Mexico, that gave us California, Nevada, Utah, most of Arizona and about half of New Mexico for a mere $15 million.

These have enabled us to place our particular stamp of high-rises, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s over previously unsullied landscapes, thus bringing them into the modern age for the benefit of their and our citizens. It has also allowed us to extract oil and minerals and install giant pipelines in areas that might have otherwise been neglected.

It is true that, as in any negotiation, it would have been smart to determine the feelings of the other party before making a public statement of intentions, as a hostile takeover of another nation is getting harder and more expensive, as we have seen recently in the Middle East.

So Trump may have to give up on the Greenland deal, but how about Mexico? Buying the rest of the country (the land we did not get in 1848) would have many advantages. We could protect our borders by building a wall in the southern part of Mexico, which, if you look at the map, would be a lot shorter than trying to seal off the current border. This would save us big bucks. It would also open many real estate opportunities — and this is important as, by midcentury, much of Florida will be underwater. We could get rid of all the immigration camps and instead employ Mexican narcos to take care of the southern border. Hey, while Trump is good at it, they really know how to discourage people.



Hold the president to same standard

I would like to respond to the Forum letter by William A. Wittik, who criticized the name-calling directed at supporters of President Donald Trump (“Personal attacks serve no purpose,” Aug. 26). May he concede the same should be expected of the president, who calls those of us who are Jewish and Democrats traitors to Israel and the U.S.?

If civility in our current political atmosphere is what he wants, then I believe he is backing the wrong horse.


White River Junction

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