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Forum, Sept. 17: An Expression of Frustration

Published: 9/16/2018 10:00:08 PM
Modified: 9/16/2018 10:00:14 PM
Expressing Frustration

President Donald Trump reportedly called for his Justice Department to “investigate and unmask” the writer of the anonymous New York Times op-ed declaring the existence of “resisters” within the administration who work to derail Trump’s “most dangerous impulses” (“Trump Urges Justice Department to Unmask ‘Resistance’ Writer,” Sept. 8). The anonymous “senior official” stated that staff often ignore or fail to carry out the president’s orders in order to protect the country.

The same news brief noted that “A White House official later said Trump’s call for a government investigation was an expression of his frustration with (the Times op-ed), not an order for federal prosecutors to take action.”

In other words, an “official” White House official stated that the president’s impulsive demand would be openly ignored, as no laws had been broken, and such use of the Justice Department would be illegal and an abuse of power.

Say no more, Mr. President.

Lawrence Burch​​​​​​​


Aid Cuts May Cost More Later

President Donald Trump’s decision to terminate the United Nations aid program for Palestinian refugees is his most recent slash to the United States Agency for International Development budget (“White House Ends Funding to UN Program for Palestinian Refugees,” Aug. 31). These cuts have come steadily, though foreign aid makes up less than 1 percent of the federal budget. Another startling statistic: About $30 billion of the federal budget goes to USAID. Meanwhile a whopping $663 billion goes toward military spending.

Foreign policy experts agree that slashing funding to this U.N. program is a mistake in such a contested area and will lead to an uptick of violence in the region, similar to what was seen following the president’s announcement that he was moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

Research has consistently shown that cuts to aid programs like these are more likely to alienate those on the margins of society, which leads to radicalization and an increase in the number of young people enlisted around the world to be parts of terrorist groups like Hamas.

The U.S. may pay a steeper price down the road by deciding to cut aid to the countries and communities that need it most.

Evann Orleck-Jetter

Thetford Center

The writer volunteers with the Borgen Project.

Marchand’s Spirited Campaign

I congratulate Steve Marchand for conducting a spirited campaign and proposing a sensible and achievable vision for New Hampshire’s future. Avoiding empty slogans, he provided voters with facts and offered realistic proposals to meet many of the difficult challenges facing the state.

The Party Machine dominated Tuesday’s election and won with a campaign of big names, big endorsements and big bucks — but no beef.

We have missed the opportunity to have an intelligent, energetic, thoughtful and forward-looking governor for New Hampshire.

Martha Solow


Thanks for Wilder School Help

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Hartford School Board for looking in to renovating the Wilder School, which houses the Regional Alternative Program (“Hartford Takes First Step on School,” Sept. 13).

My grandson attends this school. There definitely are repairs that are needed; however, I would also like to reiterate the benefits of this school, not just for my grandson, but for many other fortunate children who have the privilege of attending this school. The most important aspect of the school is what is on the inside: dedicated staff members who are invested in helping these children to succeed. Thank you.

Teresa Wilson


Change the Nominating Process

In order to depoliticize the nomination and confirmation of Supreme Court justices, I propose a constitutional amendment that would remove the power to nominate from the president and entrust it instead to a committee of members of the American Bar Association composed, in equal proportion, of Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

William G. Scheller


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