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Forum, Sept. 15: Highlight other ATV ills

Published: 9/14/2021 10:00:03 PM
Modified: 9/14/2021 10:00:05 PM
Highlight other ATV ills

I’m piggybacking on Joanna Rudge Long’s Sept. 10 letter to the Forum (“We’re out of time and must focus on saving the climate”) regarding Associated Press writer Lisa Rathke’s Sept. 7 article (“Do ATVs belong on roads?”).

The letter discussed the effects on Earth’s climate of ATVs burning fossil fuels, an issue that I agree is important, but what struck me was the article’s omission of the following: Allowing ATVs on roads, thus connecting ATV trail areas, feeds burgeoning ATV enthusiasm, leading to more erosion, noise pollution and other environmental effects, such as wildlife disturbance and habitat fragmentation.

I think these ills, though not the main subject of the article, should have been at least touched upon.



Money controls America

None of the Capitol Police officers who have sued former President Donald Trump will ever see the inside of a courtroom in this lawsuit (“US Capitol Police officers sue Trump,” Aug. 27). It is just a waste of breath to propose such a lawsuit. It will never come to trial.

As I have written before, we have two sets of laws in this country — one for the rich and powerful and one for the middle class and the poor. I believe that if you have no money, the lawyers won’t even look at you. If you have a lot of money, every lawyer in the U.S. will flock to protect you.

Executive privilege should not apply to presidents once they are voted out of office. They are just former presidents. What laws they break are their problem, not the American people’s problem. Their trial should start in three weeks, no postponements, and the verdict should be issued immediately.

If the middle class and the poor get this treatment, so should ex-presidents.

Money controls this country. The American people are to blame for what has happened in this country. American corruption and greed — it’s called politics.



Hypocritical lifestyles

President Joe Biden has reportedly proposed an FDR retread in the form of a Civilian Climate Corps, which would mobilize young people at $15 an hour, plus health care, child care and a college stipend, to motivate Americans to take climate change seriously. This will be difficult to do when key climate change advocates are not taking it seriously.

Take climate czar John Kerry, for example, who is addicted to flying around the world in fuel-guzzling private jets as he undertakes his “mission.” I guess when you’re married to an heiress of the Kraft-Heinz food fortune, cost is no object. Then let’s consider former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, who bought an $11.75 million oceanfront property on Martha’s Vineyard, which would seemingly be vulnerable to rising ocean levels. They also had to scale down their lavish celebration of his 60th birthday because it could have been a superspreader of the delta variant. Finally, there’s the godfather of climate change, former Vice president Al Gore, who in 2010 bought an $8.9 million coastal estate in Montecito, Calif. To his credit, it’s apparently smaller than his Tennessee home, whose carbon footprint was many times that of the average American family. And Gore is no stranger to traveling around the world by private jet, because he can. Apparently, neither the Obamas nor the Gores are afraid of climate change affecting their homes by the ocean. Gore’s film is An Inconvenient Truth, but his lifestyle is a convenient lie.

Speaking of hypocritical lifestyles, it is now surfacing that the staffs of Vice President Kamala Harris and first lady Jill Biden claim they’re working in an oppressive, toxic environment. Biden’s chief adviser, Anthony Bernal, is said to treat staffers in ways reminiscent of The Devil Wears Prada, verbally abusing them and calling them “stupid,” while Harris’ staffers are often surprised by impulsive decisions, such as her recent trip to El Paso, Texas, and say their ideas are often ignored, resulting in high staff turnover. Needless to say, morale in both offices is apparently low.



Supporters of Trump and Taliban are similar in many disturbing ways

As I watch television footage of members of the Taliban driving around the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan, in pickup trucks with flagpoles flying large Taliban flags sticking up from the beds, I’m struck by their similarity to the supporters of former President Donald Trump here in the U.S., with their “Trump Trains” of pickup trucks flying Trump flags alongside (and thus desecrating) the American flag.

Like the Taliban, they are loud and aggressive, rudely and crudely forcing their beliefs onto others.

In my view, both groups consist of politically far-right males, poorly educated, gun-loving and prone to violence, misogynistic, autocratic, undemocratic and seeking to force a minority-controlled regressive social and belief system onto the rest of the citizenry while making the false claim that it represents a return to an idealized past.


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