Forum, Sept. 13: Boost incentives for solar and wind

Published: 9/12/2020 10:00:03 PM
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Boost incentives for solar and wind

Howard Shaffer’s Forum letter misses the mark completely when he states that tax credits for wind and solar should be abandoned as those sources of energy production are now more than competitive with gas, coal or nuclear energy production (“End the tax credits for solar and wind power,” Sept. 8).

Granted, the manufacture of any energy production system will cause some pollution. It’s what they do after they are produced that should drive us as to whether to incentivize their production or not. I might add that the production of a wind turbine or a solar panel will cause far less pollution than the production of any gas, coal or nuclear power plant.

There is no comparison between when the wind blows or the sun shines and the burning of gas, coal or nuclear fuel to produce energy. The extraction of gas, coal or nuclear fuel to power these systems is also a colossal insult to Mother Earth.

We should double or triple the incentives to produce wind and solar energy and thank God every day that we went down that path, as opposed to any other.



Trump has supported the troops

Forum contributor John Mudge is absolutely correct. Now is not the time to be silent, especially about the article in The Atlantic magazine with comments attributed to President Donald Trump (“They’re patriots, not ‘losers’, ” Sept 10). The article should be thrown onto the trash heap of the personal destruction/coup campaign against the president. John Bolton, no fan of the president, was at the scene and said the comments were never uttered. Dozens of others who were also there agree that the comments were never made. Not one of the four anonymous sources relating the comments has come forward to be identified and to corroborate the claims.

President Trump has been highly supportive of the troops. He has increased the military’s budget. He has visited Dover, Del., to support the coffins of deceased military personnel. He has visited injured and maimed troops at military hospitals. He has worked to bring troops home and to end our commitments to endless wars everywhere. It would be a favor to all of us if people would stop peddling claptrap from The Atlantic, or at least wait until the details are proven to be accurate.



Grateful to the ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’

I’m a “loser.” I guess my friend Johnny is one also, according to remarks attributed to President Donald Trump. Two months after high school graduation, having just turned 18, we quit our construction jobs, took the subway to the Marine recruiter’s office in downtown Boston, and signed up for three years of military service with the Marine Corps. I suppose we are also “suckers” since we were told we would serve together under the “Buddy Plan” and believed it. (After disembarking from the train at Parris Island, we did not see each other for three years!) In reality, contrary to the president’s alleged comments, we never considered ourselves “losers” or “suckers.”

I am grateful to those thousands of “losers” and “suckers” buried in our national cemeteries, here and abroad, and to their families and loved ones. I thank them for preserving the freedom that allows me to write this letter, and the Valley News to publish it, if it so chooses.



Now we’re paying to defend Trump

We taxpayers now have the “privilege” of representing President Donald Trump in court to defend him against a suit by E. Jean Carroll accusing him of lying when he denied raping her 25 or so years ago. The attorney general, William Barr, has determined that Trump was acting in his official capacity when he denied knowing Carroll and therefore could be represented in court by the U.S. government. This means the suit is moved from state court to federal court. Further, because the government is a sovereign state, it cannot be sued and therefore the suit will be tossed out. All this to camouflage actions Trump was accused of committing long before he became president.

How do you feel about paying for defending this man for his alleged follies? It leaves me sickened. It reminds me of King Louis XIV of France in the 1600s saying L'état, c'est moi (“The state is me”). That kind of autocracy has no place in this country and we have to act to prevent its continuing. Please vote. This is not a time of opting out.


West Lebanon

Look who wants Trump gone

Many outraged citizens write letters to the editor of this newspaper. They’re infuriated by President Donald Trump and baffled by the deplorables who support him. Please allow me to explain something. The establishment of Official Washington — with its career politicians, fake news media, corrupt billionaires, CEOs, banksters and warmongers — desperately want this president gone. Any questions?



We are still obsessed with race

The prevailing sentiment, by which I mean the most stridently asserted one, seems to be that our nation has made little or no progress against racism, and if we use the most concise (and objective) definition of the word — an obsession with race — it’s hard to contend otherwise.



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