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Forum, Oct. 6: We need a real plan to cut carbon emissions

Published: 10/5/2020 10:00:14 PM
Modified: 10/5/2020 10:00:08 PM
We need a real plan to cut carbon emissions

It seems most people want to do something to put the brakes on climate change but are at a loss as to what to do. Last week, over the governor’s veto, the Vermont Legislature obligated the state to compel its people to eliminate their use of nonrenewable energy sources by the year 2050 “or else.” If they do not, then someone can sue the state to force them to do without.

This will do absolutely nothing to advance Vermont toward the goal of abandoning reliance upon hydrocarbon energy sources. Neither will a “carbon tax.”

Energy is 9/10th of everything we consume. A general consumption tax that reaches services as well as goods would encourage conservation and help toward that end. But one more fuel source tax will have a huge multiplier effect, and will wreak havoc on the state’s economy.

Similarly, California recently passed a law to ban the sale of new gasoline-engine automobiles by 2035. This will also be of doubtful value. What will generate the electricity required to power all the electric cars that will then crowd its highways? As it is, California is burning, partly as a result of downed power lines. All hydroelectric sources have been tapped. And they are drying up.

To hear him talk, Joe Biden has a plan for just about everything. But if he has a good one for reducing carbon emissions, I have yet to hear it. I do. I call on him to adopt it.

The problem is America’s dependence on hugely inefficient cars and trucks. It’s love affair with the automobile and highways. A fundamental change in this way of life must be brought about. If I were him, I would call for a massive public works project to build a nationwide, high-speed passenger and freight rail service network, comparable to the Interstate Highway System, by, let’s say, 2050. And get started in January.

A great change in our way of life is required. Nothing short of this will meet the challenge. If the change is not made freely, nature will force one upon us.



Joe Kenney shows he truly cares for people

Even though we have never before written a letter for publication in a newspaper, we felt the need to express our strong support for Joe Kenney in his bid for a seat on the Executive Council for District 1. From our personal experience, we believe that his personal integrity, strength of character and caring nature more than qualify him for the seat.

In September 2019, we reached out to him for help in connection with a serious medical condition, and we did not know where to go for information. He was immediately there to assist and very instrumental in providing us with access to numerous resources. Even though we had never met him (but would like to), we were impressed by his caring nature. In response to our phone call, he reached out immediately to find out what the issues were and how he could help us. He was genuinely concerned and still contacts us to get updates.

It was not until recently that we discovered that, at the time we contacted him, he was not a member of the Executive Council. (He had served a few years back.) However, on his own initiative, he took the time to help us when we were in need. Not many people would do that.

He truly cares for people. As a former Marine, he is always ready to lend a hand to those in need, even if not in an official capacity. This is the type of individual who should be returned to public office.

As far as we are concerned, Joe Kenney is one in a million, and we are proud to endorse him to serve as executive counselor for District 1. As lifetime New Hampshire residents, we feel completely confident that, as a public servant, Joe Kenney will further the interests and welfare of all the people of our state.



We deserve a senator like Jenn Alford-Teaster

Jenn Alford-Teaster puts people first. That’s why I’m proud to support her campaign for New Hampshire state Senate in District 8. She has listened to the people who live here and knows what we need: access to good health care that we can afford, strengthening our public schools — which play such an important role in the fabric of our communities — and the need for a higher minimum wage so that hardworking Granite Staters can provide for our families and live with dignity.

We need and deserve a senator who’s going to prioritize and fight for the people of this district, as opposed to championing a cookie-cutter partisan agenda that does not meet our needs. I’m tired of the genuine needs of average, hardworking Granite Staters like myself and my neighbors being minimized at best and overlooked at worst.

Having access to good health care, great public schools and jobs that pay the bills isn’t asking too much. Alford-Teaster will fight for them, and for us.

I can’t wait to vote for Jenn Alford-Teaster Nov. 3. Please join me. We’re worth it.



Support Linda Tanner for another term

As a resident of Newport, mother to middle-age adults and their middle-school-age children, I very much support Rep. Linda Tanner for another term in the New Hampshire House.

Why? She was a teacher at Kearsarge High School for about 30 years. I have seen her approached by young adults excited to see her — “Miss Tanner, remember me? I was in your class (five, 10, even 20) years ago! Remember me?”

As a former teacher and mental health care provider myself, I know that school is so much more than just an educational system. Kids spend years at school. They learn not only facts and skills in math, shop and social studies but also how to communicate most effectively to accomplish more for themselves and others.

I overheard Tanner in conversation with a constituent who was on the other side of an issue. I recall thinking the other person was getting a bit “hot under the collar.” Was this going to get into a blow-up, I wondered? Tanner showed great respect by listening and sharing. I’ve experienced legislators who talk over and at, rather than talking with. She was informative and just plain kind to this individual, leaving the conversation with a (pre-COVID-19) handshake. It is not just something she taught, but lives.

I want Linda Tanner to continue in the House. She has established working relationships there. With her thoughtful ideas and terrific energy, she follows through to completion.



Trump’s corruption kills innocent people

President Donald Trump’s concern for his benefactors results in war and death. Specifically, the case of the war in Nagorno-Karabakh, a Christian-Armenian enclave within Azerbaijan.

For 30 years a frozen conflict has been in place punctuated with sniper fire from Azeris trying to trigger a war. One would think from reading Turkish and Azeri misinformation that the Armenians are starting the conflict, but it is suicide for Armenia to fight an oil-funded eastern Azeri arsenal and a Turkish army on its Western border.

Why have the tensions escalated and war broken out before the American elections? The Turks, who orchestrate the war, know that Trump, who has taken money from Turkish businesses and Azeri interests in his “hotel” ventures, will not raise a peep.

Also, Israel, which furnishes drones to Azerbaijan, has a vested interest in the Azeri oil supply and Trump will take no action without Israel’s approval. Turks elect to strike now betting Trump will not be reelected.

Turkey, in addition to providing drones and armaments, has raised volunteers from Syria and Pakistan to fight for Azerbaijan.

Having been in Armenia during the active war 30 years ago, the ethnic Armenian population faced expulsion and elimination. Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, pogroms in Baku resulted in many Armenians killed and hundreds made to flee. The Armenians won, took additional land historically Azeri and created a bargaining position. The Azeris and Armenians never found common ground, with intransigence on both sides.

The silent voice is Russia, which will lose a valuable buffer state if Armenia falls under Turkish domination. Also, it creates a major erosion of another Christian state to Turkish Muslim rule. Russia has sold weapons to both sides and has economic interests. Events may be getting beyond its control.

Joe Biden is aware of the issues and has recognized the Armenian genocide. He has former State Department staff who have resided in the region. He will call in all the chips we have with Turkey, Azerbaijan and Pakistan to move for a resolution.



A Democratic landslide will prevent turmoil

I am appealing to all who may have voted Republican in the last election, but who are unhappy with our current president, to vote for his opponent.

I have heard several well-known Republicans say that they cannot vote for President Donald Trump this year, but instead will write-in another candidate. This is wasting your vote.

Instead, vote against our president by voting Democratic, even if you have to hold your nose to do so. We need to ensure this president will not have a second term. If the election is close it may end up in the Supreme Court, and we all know how that will turn out.

The Democratic candidate needs to win by a landslide so there will not be turmoil in our nation.



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