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Forum, Oct. 23: Supporting Debora Matteau for Claremont City Council

Published: 10/22/2019 10:00:10 PM
Modified: 10/22/2019 10:00:08 PM
Supporting Debora Matteau for Claremont City Council

I am writing in support of Debora Matteau’s candidacy for an at-large seat on the Claremont City Council.

Matteau will bring many talents and life experiences to the table. She is a longtime resident of Claremont who has raised a family here.

She is a big supporter of Claremont who also knows the realities of governing a small city in rural New Hampshire.

Her experience includes working for the city of Claremont for 13 years in the planning and development office, where she handled financial record-keeping and administered grants. She also served as the zoning administrator and cross-trained in many other city departments.

There is nothing like practical experience. She is the general manager of a property management firm, where she designs and manages a $2.5 million budget for development and maintenance of properties in Claremont and Florida. I think her experience in development and the housing market will be an asset to the city’s current redevelopment goals.

Finally, I have found Matteau to be a positive and knowledgeable force in Claremont. She has served and contributed well on many boards and committees.

Please join me in voting for Deb Matteau for city councilor at large. There’s more information at www.debforclaremontcouncil.com.



Happy Indignant Peoples’ Day

What genius it betrays to know that had one lived an age ago — weighed anchor with Columbus, say — he’d hold the views he holds today.



President’s actions in Syria are completely wrong-headed

The president’s actions regarding the U.S. withdrawal from Syria are both despicable and inexplicable. We have turned our backs on one of our most steadfast allies, the Kurds, one of our few allies in the Middle East. What does that action say to our other allies around the world?

I now read and hear that President Donald Trump is explaining his rationale as, “This (fight) has nothing to do with us.”


Russia and Iran now have expanded their primacy in the Middle East. Turkey has a free pass to murder Kurds, who now know (as does the entire world) what 50% of this country may not recognize: that this administration is not to be trusted.

ISIS may have a new lease on life as thousands of its fighters are already escaping from Kurdish custody to re-form and potentially launch an invigorated wave of attacks throughout the world. This will prolong the never-ending wars that Trump thought — based on who knows what but it wasn’t expert advice — he was ending.

This completely wrong-headed action has them dancing in the streets in Moscow, Tehran, Damascus, Ankara, Beijing and Pyongyang. The U.S. has been severely weakened. That is not what a president is supposed to do.

Trump 2020? Make America Degrade Again.



Vermonters must speak out against cruelty of trapping

Trapping season in Vermont begins on Oct. 26. Residents and visitors who enjoy use of public lands in the state should be aware that trappers can legally set traps on many public lands and are not required to post warnings of hidden traps.

Trappers may set leghold or body-gripping traps, both of which cause immense suffering for captured pets and wild animals, right near trails.

Animals are often immobilized for days waiting for trappers to return and “finish them off.” There are no standards for how trapped animals are killed. Trappers often stomp, bludgeon, drown or strangle their victims.

There are no limits on how many traps may be set or how many animals may be killed within the seasons. Since traps are not selective of their targets, endangered species as well as cats and dogs are often captured incidentally.

Vermont’s Fish and Wildlife Department is composed of hunters and trappers who oppose all efforts to ban or even regulate trapping. Yet, according to a recent poll by the University of Vermont’s Center for Rural Studies, 75% of Vermonters are against trapping.

More than 100 countries have banned or severely restricted the use of leghold traps because of their indiscriminate and brutal nature.

Many states have banned leghold and body-gripping traps, including Colorado, which, like Vermont, is a pro-hunting state. So why does our state wildlife agency continue to promote this inhumane activity?

It’s time for Vermonters to speak out and ban trapping for the sake of our pets, our wildlife and our basic human decency. For more information please visit www.protectourwildlifevt.org.



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