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Forum, Oct. 18: Bike trail article overlooked the work of local association

Published: 10/17/2019 10:00:17 PM
Modified: 10/17/2019 10:00:06 PM
Bike trail article overlooked the work of local association

I was delighted to see David Corriveau’s article on the new mountain bike trail in Thetford, as I am one of many excited about its opening (“Trail Works: Thetford 1-mile loop ‘flow’ trail is an addition and alternative to others in Twin States,” Oct. 13). However, there is one large and notable omission. When inventorying the non-ski area bike trails in the area, the Woodstock Area Mountain Biking Association is mentioned first, followed only by the New England Mountain Biking Association. The New England Mountain Biking Association has little sway in Vermont, and a bit more in New Hampshire, although generally not in the Upper Valley.

Our local mountain biking organization is the Upper Valley Mountain Biking Association. There may be some inherent confusion because, while the Upper Valley Mountain Biking Association’s gem is the Boston Lot/Landmark trail network in Lebanon, it is in fact the third-largest chapter in the Vermont Mountain Bike Association with more than 300 members, just behind the Stowe and Burlington area chapters. In addition to the Boston Lot/Landmark trails, the Upper Valley Mountain Biking Association has within its networks French’s Ledges in Meriden, Hurricane Hill in Hartford, Cornish Town Forest, Norwich trails and much more. We are fortunate to have such an active local organization, which will be 25 years rolling this coming year.

I find it curious that the Upper Valley Mountain Biking Association was not mentioned during the trail network portion of the article, as the association’s president, Brian Riordan, is quoted near the end of the piece.

Thank you for continuing to feature trail news.



The writer is a member of the Upper Valley Mountain Biking Association board.

We appear to have a double standard on free speech

I read the Oct. 8 article “Sununu criticizes official’s tweets” with dismay, as I’ve long been a listener of Keith Hanson’s radio talk show. While I don’t condone the words he sent on his Twitter feed (his feed, not that of his employer or of the Sullivan County Republican Committee, which he chairs), I am reminded that if someone in this country burns or otherwise desecrates an American flag, that person is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution. So, as much as I despise that act, I have to accept that it’s a protected act.

I am also reminded of a newly elected U.S. representative from Michigan, Rashida Tlaib, who is Muslim and who stated, to raucous applause and cheers at a speech she made shortly after being elected, that she was going to go to Washington, D.C., and “impeach the motherf---er,” in reference to the president of the United States.

While there was minimal criticism of her at the time, she is now creating T-shirts with that slogan on them.

What’s wrong with that picture? It appears there is truly a double standard in this country, and if Hanson was of Muslim descent, nobody would have complained about his comments.



Just one question

Is “willful ignorance” an impeachable offense?


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