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Forum, Oct. 15: An idea: Let people vote, and then count the votes

Published: 10/14/2020 10:00:16 PM
Modified: 10/14/2020 10:00:11 PM
An idea: Let people vote, and then count the votes

Many issues confront the country right now, but I think something even more important to the future of America has overtaken us in this moment. President Donald Trump’s aggressive verbal attacks on the integrity of our voting system, along with his threats to try to halt the counting of legally cast mail-in ballots, are both dangerous and unpatriotic. I believe they uniquely disqualify him from holding any elected office in this country, but most especially the presidency.

Here’s an idea. Let’s make it reasonably easy for all citizens who want to vote to have access to a ballot and then count the votes to see who they want as leaders.

Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work in America?



Why it’s important to vote

With less than three weeks remaining before Election Day, it’s likely that most readers have already made up their minds. Many of us have already voted. I want to highlight the importance of casting a ballot.

The presidency is decided not by popular vote but by Electoral College votes, and New Hampshire’s four electors play a key role. In 2016, Hillary Clinton won New Hampshire by only 2,700 votes out of more than 700,000 cast, a 0.3% margin. Because of our position as a swing state, if you’re planning to support Joe Biden, your vote in New Hampshire matters more than if you were in New York or California or other reliably Democratic states.

One crucial factor in this election will be the number of younger voters who participate. There’s no shortage of issues of concern: climate change, racial justice, women’s issues, health care, affordable college, renewable energy, a sustainable economy, LGBTQ rights, America’s standing in the world community, dignified and moral leadership. Please speak to your children living in the state, your young neighbors and younger people in the workforce. A strong turnout by young voters can help bring this country back on track after the past four years.

I have been pleased to see Dartmouth College students taking seriously the protocols around masks and social distancing. They clearly understand the challenges we face. If they are living on campus or renting in New Hampshire, they are entitled to vote here, and their New Hampshire ballot counts a lot.



Gov. Sununu leads on law enforcement accountability

As the nation has grappled with strained relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu has led the charge to ensure that the state is addressing these important issues, and meaningful conversations are being had on how the state can further strengthen these relationships.

As the governor has said, the Commission on Law Enforcement Accountability, Community and Transparency was established because the state has an obligation to participate in the national conversation and engage in self-examination to identify any opportunities for improvement.

We have been fortunate to have Gov. Sununu leading the charge and the nation in addressing these pressing issues, and for having the wisdom to establish such a commission, whose members are well-versed and uniquely qualified to provide the much-needed insight that will surely move our state in the right direction.

Gov. Sununu understands the critical role law enforcement has in protecting and serving our community, but he also understands that while New Hampshire has been setting the gold standard, as a state we always need to be striving to set the bar higher.



President’s disregard for us

The president says he won’t “sit behind a computer and do a debate. It’s ridiculous.” In my opinion, what’s truly ridiculous, among many other items, is:

■ That the president is infected and ill with COVID-19, yet he went out unprotected in public, not just risking but actually infecting others.

■ That the president can have so little regard for his closest advisers and staff that he knowingly risked their health for his perceived political benefit.

■ That the president had so little regard for the Secret Service agents, who will take a bullet for him, that he knowingly risked their health for a photo-op.

■ That the president had so little trust in the professionalism of the physicians tasked with saving his life that he insisted they sign nondisclosure agreements.

■ That the president had so little regard for the American people that he continued lying to us about the deadly nature of the COVID-19 virus, beginning in the earliest stages of the pandemic in America.

■ That the president had the gall to say it is up to the American people to make the right health decisions when he constantly fills the airways with lies and misinformation about masks, social distancing and other public health messages.

<sbull value="sbull"><text xmlns="urn:schemas-teradp-com:gn4tera"></text></sbull> And that the president had the nerve to say “Don’t let COVID-19 dominate you.” There are at least 210,000 dead Americans and their families who are insulted by this wanton disregard for them. The rest of us should be, too.



‘Doonesbury’ strips a puzzle

Does anybody enjoy reading the 25-year-old Doonesbury Flashbacks cartoon strip at the top of the puzzle section? Wouldn’t you rather see blank doodle space or, better yet, another puzzle?



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