Forum, Nov. 3: A Champion for Women

Published: 11/2/2018 9:59:52 PM
A Champion for Women

Molly Kelly is a proven champion for women’s reproductive rights. We need her in the New Hampshire governor’s office.

Kelly worked her entire career fighting for women’s rights and reproductive rights. When she was in the state Senate, she worked to ensure five anti-choice bills did not become law when pro-women’s health senators were significantly outnumbered in the Legislature. She doesn’t just talk about protecting reproductive rights. She’s done it. That’s why Planned Parenthood gave her an award for her hard work and endorsed her in the governor’s race.

We can’t count on Gov. Chris Sununu to protect women’s health. He voted against funding Planned Parenthood when he was on the Executive Council and called them bullies. He signed a letter supporting Brett Kavanaugh, who would surely overturn Roe v. Wade.

Kelly won’t wait for the Supreme Court to take up Roe v. Wade. She knows we need action now. She’s called for enacting state protections for safe, legal abortions and hasn’t ever supported limiting choice when she was in the state Senate.

Kelly doesn’t just talk about reproductive rights when it’s convenient. She’s worked hard to defend reproductive rights from attacks from the far right when it counted. We know when she’s governor she will stand up for women every single day because she always has. That’s why we’re supporting Molly Kelly for governor.

Sharon Nordgren, Mary Jane Mulligan and Polly Campion

New Hampshire state representatives

Garrett Muscatel

Candidate for the New Hampshire House

Why Divide? Unite

At a time when there seems to be a hardening of the political divide in our country, I wonder about our leadership in Washington, D.C. I wonder why a president chooses to use words that fuel the fire of division rather than words to unite, heal and lift the verbal bar of discourse with the citizens of America.

Further, it seems to me that calling those of the other party disparaging names, as when he referred to those who challenged the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice, just struck me as ignoring the potential for uniting, healing and building an atmosphere of “all for one” and “one for all.”

What we desperately need is leadership that does just that — leading the whole country rather than building pockets of “us” and “them.” But I guess the “base” is just looking for a hard-nosed businessman. Funny, I know a lot of businesspeople who are soft-nosed wonderful business folks and good leaders all at the same time.

Bob Keene


The Time to Act Is Now

Finding adequate words to describe the incredible sadness and helplessness overcoming so many of us in these dark days is nearly impossible. It seems as if everything has been said.

My initial reaction to the bombs, the senseless shooting of two black men in Kentucky and now the mass killings of worshipers in Squirrel Hill, Pa. was shock (No, not again), anger and helplessness.

After trying to understand the complexities contributing to where we are today, I got past all those feelings and realized we can’t give in to hopelessness.

Anger and rage may well be part of the right-wing game plan. Continued violence and outrageous behavior leads to voter fatigue or resignation. Matching name-calling with more of the same only keeps conflict in the headlines, leading to even more voter fatigue.

The most effective action we can take is to make sure that we and everyone we know votes. We can offer to make phone calls, drive people to the polls or make financial contributions to the candidates we support. Election Day is Tuesday. The time to act is now.

Arline Rotman


Fundamental Problem

Good thing, ain’t it, that tears are infinitely replenishable? Otherwise we’d have run out long ago.

As the great-great-niece of Noakh and Anya Zeldis, murdered in Uman, along with four of their daughters, by the Nazis, “never again” means for me that no human being, anywhere, should be murdered, for any reason, by anyone.

Good luck with that. I went to bed last night with the image of a skeletal Yemeni child frying my eyeballs, and woke up today to the news of the gunning down of congregants celebrating a child’s naming at a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

The enemy is fundamentalism. It poisons everything and is found everywhere — secular movements are as tainted with it as is every religion. There’s no corner of human thought free of the creeping tentacles of violently irrational conviction (take the ambient temperature at scientific symposia, for proof of that).

I follow no dogma now. But every single night I pray for justice for the innocent and judgment for the guilty, and for peace on all of the worlds, amen. There’s strength in numbers, so I invite anyone interested to, like, join me in silent community. I mean, heck — it can’t hurt, right?

Sarah Crysl Akhtar


A Taste for Revenge

It’s hard to overstate the loathsomeness of the behavior of Republicans Mitch McConnell, Chuck Grassley, Orrin Hatch, Lindsey Graham, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, and many others in their party.

As the midterm elections near and as investigations continue to probe allegations of criminal behavior at the highest levels of our government, all would do well to remember the wisdom of an old proverb: Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Alice Morrison

Newbury, Vt.

We Can Handle Truth

Here’s a quotation. It’s attributed to Cicero. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious, but it cannot survive treason from within.”

Cicero didn’t know the names of our CIA puppet presidents, but he knew their kind. Their fraudulence, deceit and betrayal are a bad medicine that has made this country sick. Official sources have long been corrupt. Americans need to be told the truth already. We can handle it.

Neil Meliment


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