Forum, Nov. 29: Enlightening voice on Hartford board

Published: 11/28/2020 10:00:15 PM
Modified: 11/28/2020 10:00:04 PM
Enlightening voice on Hartford board

Congratulations to both Rachel Edens and the town Hartford for her appointment to the Hartford Selectboard (“New member joins Selectboard,” Nov. 26). Hartford is lucky to have someone as talented and perceptive as she is to represent the community.

Edens will be an enlightening voice, which we need now more than ever as we emerge from an era of dumbing ourselves down to avoid the discovery of a whole array painful truths.



Write to your representatives about Comcast decision to drop WMUR

Comcast’s decision to replace Manchester TV station WMUR with a Plattsburgh, N.Y., station is a great loss to Grafton and Sullivan county residents and should be opposed.

While the Valley News does a good job, its early deadlines force it to be a day behind the TV stations. During the pandemic we need up-to-date news from the governor of New Hampshire — not the governor of New York. Also, our weather is not the same as Plattsburgh’s weather. In the digital age of TV, the designated market areas are out of date. It is not easy to get WMUR on a roof-top antenna as the digital signal no longer reaches many of us

When I was a Dish satellite TV subscriber, Dish proposed a similar action against WMUR. I wrote to our representatives then. It took a while but the decision was reversed. U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Lebanon City Councilor Karen Liot Hill were very helpful.

I have already drafted a letter to Shaheen. All Comcast subscribers interested in getting timely local news and weather pertaining to New Hampshire should write their representatives. Complaining to Comcast is worth a try, but probably won’t be as effective.



NH election workers did the job well

My wife, Jean, and I spent Election Day as monitors for the voter protection effort of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. We weren’t electioneering or anything like that. We never touched a ballot or tally sheet. We spent the long day watching and trying to be supportive of the work that was being done by our Upper Valley neighbors.

What we saw is what we have seen in the years past: dedicated citizens trying to run a fair and efficient election, and then counting the votes as accurately as possible. This year was more stressful to be sure, because of the virus and the threats, but in the end the job was done and done well.

So we say thank you to the moderators and ballot clerks. Once again, they were the first responders of our democracy. And if there are any in the Upper Valley who are uncertain that our election on Nov. 3 was run fairly, we can only say you should have seen what we saw. Well done, all you election workers.



Give the gift of experience, not stuff

The messaging around this spring’s federal stimulus funds was clear: spend, don’t save, to keep the country running. However, according to a 2017 study by CareerBuilder, 78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and nearly 3 in 4 people say they are in debt. That was years before the pandemic, which saw 6 million people filing for unemployment each week last spring, and more than 827,000 first-time filers last week alone. Don’t believe that buying unnecessary items is the only way to support a vibrant economy and a healthy planet. Support services, not stuff.

This holiday season, I encourage you to think twice about the gifts you give. Research has shown that memories of experiences, not material items, are significantly stronger and longer-lasting, so spend your money and time strategically to make the most impact. Instead of working off a never-ending Amazon wishlist, book a family sleigh ride with a local horse team, try out a new winter sport with a guide, or host a virtual cookie-baking date and swap recipes with friends. The most important thing is to give your time and attention and focus on the experience.

We like to think of recycling as the holy grail, but true change has to come at the beginning of the cycle. The only way to truly produce less waste is to buy less stuff. Instead of feeling guilty over a lack of physical gifts, think of the amazing memories you can help create — and the waste you’ve saved by not purchasing products with a short life span.

Reduce pressure on our planet, spare your wallet, and support local business. My best to you and yours this season.



Impeach Sununu over masks? Really?

Let me get this right. During a raging pandemic infecting and killing thousands, even some of their own constituents, New Hampshire state Reps. Michael Sylvia, of Belmont, and Anne Copp, of Derry, want to impeach Gov. Chris Sununu for — wait for it — issuing a statewide mask mandate? Because it’s violation of their rights?

How about the rights of everyone else to not catch the virus? What about protecting first responders, teachers, doctors and hospital staff, store workers — the list goes on and on — simply by respectfully wearing a mask and social distancing? These are people who may even have voted for Sylvia or Copp.

It’s kind of ironic that those who were elected to help protect New Hampshire citizens are the ones we have to be most afraid of. I hope everyone remembers who not to vote for when their terms are up.



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