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Forum, Nov. 23: Seeking clarity from SAU 6 administration

Published: 11/22/2021 10:00:25 PM
Modified: 11/22/2021 10:00:11 PM
Seeking clarity from the SAU 6 administration

The tabling of school restructuring in order to address a uniform curriculum plan offers an ideal opportunity for the School Administrative Unit 6 administration to provide answers to the questions the community and school restructuring focus group brought forward (“Schools table plan to group by grade,” Nov. 13).

We ask the administration to use this time to assemble and provide this information: a timeline of what led them to proposing school restructuring and who was involved.

We ask them to detail what specific problems they seek to solve within our schools, so the reasons brought forth next time for restructuring are clear and unshifting. Detail what other plans, if any, have been looked at to solve these problems.

Provide us with the research supporting the presentation Superintendent Michael Tempesta has presented and posted. Work out the details of any plan they might want to propose so a detailed plan, instead of a vague outline, is available to the School Board and the community if restructuring becomes the plan again in the future.

Even if the plan is off the table permanently, the community and School Board should still have this information, as it relates to the functioning of our SAU administration and concerns within our schools.

This is our community. We must continue to take an active role in its workings even when nothing of concern appears imminent.



The writer was a member of the restructuring focus group.

Windsor High’s football champions

Thank you for the great, well-deserved coverage of Windsor High School’s championship football team. (“Small, but mighty: Despite low roster numbers, Windsor football rolled to first VPA championship since ’17,” Nov. 19).Well done.



Attackers attempt to create fear

Forum contributor Alice Morrison, one of the caring commentators in our community, had alerted us to the dangers of former President Donald Trump and his menacing entourage prior to Jan. 6, when their effects were finally on full display in an insurrection (“Republican leaders have no shame,” Nov. 13). Her meaningful engagement matters.

It’s not the aggressive pickup truck she describes that reveals the attackers’ tenor, but the attempt to create fear, perhaps to physically hurt. This is a severe threat to the U.S.

Maybe women in the U.S., where we have been unable to pass an Equal Rights Amendment, have a survival intuition.

Maybe too many of us prefer to stick our head in the sand, as when we ignored the warnings of environmental degradation in the 1960s.

As we once again sit at home and witness the media attacking President Joe Biden’s efforts, which have brought us out of a health pandemic to the latter stages of the pandemic’s economic effects, I wonder what we will do if the destructive forces among us — obstructionists, seditionists, distortion lovers — persist.

This ridiculous assumption that we can sit safely in the Upper Valley as the nation sinks is bizarre. Until we get Citizens United money out of politics, our fate sinks. At least Morrison, in her letters, is trying to get us moving.

I personally think it is time for blue states to secede.

Get money out of politics. Become like European states, and I want to live in the one that behaves like the Scandinavian countries. Not only is there a social safety net, but multiple points of view are integrated at elections, not a two-party system, essentially choking itself out.

Health care for all.



What I’ve learned from reading the Forum letters

Truth, as they say, is the daughter of Time. A good day for me to offer my most humble apologies to Forum contributor William A. Wittik for having thought his views tiresome — especially the infusion of faith into matters that ought, I believe, be discussed on their civil virtues or ills.

These past two years have now well-schooled me. Though profound philosophical differences lie between us, what I’ve learned from reading Forum letters with care leads me to understand that he, alone among Upper Valleyites who share their opinions, would likely have refrained from verminization of others and attempted the most to keep people like me from being herded into ovens.

Though we’ve never met, I hope he will please grant me forgiveness for judging him without having taken the time to get to know him.



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