Forum, Nov. 18: Women Speak the Truth, Men Need to Listen

Published: 11/17/2018 10:00:02 PM
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Women Speak the Truth, Men Need to Listen

I appreciated John Randolph’s response (“Men Must Do More,” Nov. 10) to Nicky Corrao’s earlier letter (“It’s Time to March to the Polls,” Oct. 21), both of which spoke to the routine oppression of women by men. Several events have brought this issue to the fore in the past few years, not the least being President Donald Trump’s public displays of misogyny. It is high time that we recognize the depth and breadth of this problem in our communities, nation and world.

I suspect that Randolph has become aware, as I did too a few years ago, of men’s complicity in this oppression by our silence on the topic. We need to support Corrao and all women as they express their rage over this behavior that we have become socialized to accept. As Randolph suggests, men need to act proactively as well in the many ways that are available to us: by getting educated, by volunteering, by donating and by speaking out against this oppression.

This is not a new issue, but perhaps we have entered a new era in dealing with it.

Peggy O’Neil, the executive director at WISE, wrote of the history of women’s oppression by men in her recent column (“Nothing Changes, But We Are Not Alone,” Oct. 10), in which she described the 600-year timeline that WISE uses to teach new volunteers about “the scope and history of violence against women.” She concludes by asking each of us, “What is your role in the timeline?”

Women are increasingly finding their voices, and men need to listen openly to the truths they are speaking. We must honestly acknowledge our past roles in the timeline and then commit to new ways of being by actively seeking equality, justice and true freedom for all women.

Stanley Colla


Building Donel’s House of Hope

Donel’s House of Hope is a nonprofit organization that began in memory of Donel D’cruze. His wife, Nina, and two daughters, Dina and Tiffany, along with some loving providers they have met over the years, are diligently working to learn about what it will take to build a home in the Upper Valley where oncology patients and their caregivers can stay while undergoing treatment. This home will provide accessible, and immunosuppressant-friendly lodging for caregivers and patients receiving cancer treatment at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

We hope to foster a sense of community and camaraderie among those facing the hardship of cancer. This summer, the House of Hope organization kicked off fundraising with a successful 5k walk in honor of Donel and are actively organizing upcoming fundraising events.

Please come visit us at Pods for the Pulpit, Nov. 23-25, up on the stage at Tracy Hall in Norwich We look forward to meeting you.

Judi Simon-Bouton

White River Junction

Tearing Families Apart Is Terrible

I recently learned that the Trump administration is proposing a rule change that would wipe away the Flores Settlement Agreement, which protects the welfare of migrant children in U.S. government custody, and replace it with dangerously broad criteria that allow indefinite detention, fewer legal protections and questionable standards of care and oversight.

I oppose this proposal. Children and families belong together and free from detention.

I worked in child protective services for 25 years and all our work was focused on treating abused, neglected and troubled children and adolescents fairly and supportively. Federal and state policies dictate that children belong in families and should be placed in the least restrictive setting possible.

If the child cannot return home due to safety issues, extended family are to be considered. This requirement reflects our present knowledge about child development and the emotional needs of children.

But now, the federal government is taking the immoral stance that immigrant families, including those seeking asylum, can be torn apart and the children, no matter their age, be treated as criminals. This flies in the face of all knowledge of child development and morality.

The present rules require the government to release children from custody as soon as possible and, if it cannot, the children must be held in state-licensed, child-appropriate facilities, and in the least restrictive setting possible, consistent with its child welfare policies.

We need a more compassionate and logical approach to the treatment of migrant families. “Punishing” families by attacking the well-being of children is a terrible idea.

For more information and resources, please visit

Leane Page Garland


Our Prosperity Is an Illusion

While some have touted the current strong economy, the fact is that it is based on borrowed money with the deficit spending skyrocketing this year by $113 billion.

It is like living large on your credit card. It can look great in the moment, but there will come a time when the bills will need to be paid

Economically speaking, this emperor has no clothes. Our president, just like the Wizard of Oz, is an old man behind a curtain pulling strings and trying to create an illusion of prosperity. Sadly, the reality is that it is an economic policy built on sand.

John Freitag

South Strafford

Editorial Cartoon Was Off Target

Your Nov. 12 editorial cartoon was blatantly false (“Ban Assault Rifles? But We Need Them for Hunting”).

There are many millions of privately owned firearms in the U.S., but certainly not that many killings with “assault weapons.” I have owned and carried a 17-shot Glock 17 “assault pistol” since 1989, and I have never shot anyone.

I think that you should carefully consider your editorial cartoons before you print them.

Mitchell Ota


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