Forum, Nov. 10: Men Must Do More

Friday, November 09, 2018
Men Must Do More

Thank you to Nicky Corrao for mentioning the Scary Time For Boys song and video (as seen on YouTube and elsewhere) in her recent letter to the editor (“It’s Time to March to the Polls,” Oct. 21).

For those who have not seen the video, in an ironically upbeat tone, the singer poignantly clarifies the many struggles women experience in society as a function of sexism, misogyny and violence toward women. It also does a great job at calling out those (apparently including the president) who believe we’re living in a “scary time for boys,” rather than an era of increased attempts by some to quash feminist efforts and equality for women.

As inspiring as this song is, I was forced to reckon with the following question: Beyond condemning vile actions and words directed at women, how many men in our society play an active role in standing up to other men who seek to disempower women?

The #MeToo movement has inspired millions of people but, with some exceptions, the public response from men who support women’s equality in all forms has been lackluster to date.

I personally pledge to do more. I also hope that other men in our community consider making the same commitment.

John Randolph


Legion Offers Oratory Scholarship

American Legion Department of New Hampshire will be holding its 20th annual oratorical runoff of the National High School Oratorical Contest on Feb. 2, at 10 a.m., at the Soldiers Memorial Building in Lebanon.

This marks the 79th year the American Legion has sponsored the contest.

We would like to have all area schools send a representative to compete in our contest. Informational packets and posters have been sent to the schools by the American Legion Department of New Hampshire. I am requesting that perhaps the parents and schools get involved to try to entice students into pursuing the possibility of earning a national scholarship award of as much as $18,000.

If interested, parents or students need to contact the English or social studies teacher or school counselor at their school. This contest is also open to certified home-schooled students.

The contest is based on the U.S. Constitution. Participants must deliver an oration from memory that takes not less than eight nor more than 10 minutes on some aspect of the Constitution.

In addition, participants must be prepared to speak on an assigned topic on a selected article or amendment for three to five minutes.

Further information may be obtained by contacting your local American Legion Post oratorical chairman.

Larry Greenwood


The writer is oratorical chairman for American Legion Post 22.

Kid’s Carnival Was a Success

The recent Kid’s Carnival Community Game Night at the CCBA/Witherell Center in Lebanon was a smashing success. Hundreds of kids and families came and enjoyed the dozens of carnival games, face-painting, prizes, apples and candy.

The sponsoring groups each did themselves proud in a host of ways.

Through the CCBA’s extraordinary generosity with the lending of their gym, the carnival was able to be a truly free event for families. Special thanks to Kim and Rebecca at the front desk for their help and support.

Poverty Lane Orchards so generously gave a bushel of apples, thereby honoring many parents’ wishes to have a candy alternative.

The Lebanon Police Department “deputized” a whole bunch of us to make sure all had a great time and strengthened our community.

The Upper Valley Chapter of BNI helped lug stuff, led games and contributed to the general mayhem.

Many volunteers from Crosspoint Church Assembly of God put feet to their faith and worked together to show God’s love to the Upper Valley. So many donated prizes and treats as well.

Special thanks to Pastor Joel and Melanie McPherson who, having become first-time grandparents, still “labored” from start to finish to make sure everyone was loved and had fun.

On a personal note, my pleasure was to watch kids survey the prize tables with a mixture of glee, good manners and savvy “shopping” skills.

Thank you, parents, for letting us share your kids for a few hours.

Marcy Bartlett


Government at Its Worst

The EPA used to mean the Environmental Protection Agency. However, recent policy changes enacted or proposed by the Trump administration make a mockery of this title and mission.

The Office of Science Advisor, responsible for assuring that the highest levels of science are incorporated into health, environmental policies and regulations is to be eliminated.

The head of the EPA’s Office of Children’s Health was placed on administrative leave with no explanation. The health of children is generally more severely affected when exposed to pollution and toxins, compared with adults.

The EPA is trying to loosen the rules about radiation exposure, arguing that a small amount of radiation damage is actually good for a person.

The EPA is now trying to change the rules to make it easier for substances like mercury, which can damage the brains of infants and young children even in small doses, to be released into the atmosphere by re-imagining the cost-benefit calculations of such measures.

The EPA is suggesting eliminating rules that limit release of hydrofluorocarbons from large cooling units. In doing so, it is deleting a section of the regulations that describe how climate change disproportionately harms the health of children, seniors and the poor.

These are attacks on all of us, based in part on ideology, and on trying to increase profits for the wealthy at the expense of the middle class and the poor. It is coordinated with the tax cuts that overwhelmingly favor the rich and leave less money for the social safety net.

It is also coordinated with the attacks on access to health care. This will lead not only to a sicker population but one that will be suffering from an increased number of health-related bankruptcies.

We are seeing an American government in its worst form — not for the people, not by the people and not of the people — in our history.

Paul Etkind