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Forum, May 9: Happy ‘Mom’s Day’?

Published: 5/8/2021 10:00:05 PM
Modified: 5/8/2021 10:00:02 PM
Happy ‘Mom’s Day’?

A young woman tells me she is a single mom. Her tone suggests I should praise her. Instead, I ask myself why she thinks of herself as being a mom. The question perplexes me, and I embark on a mental journey.

As I travel its path, I read that a mom and her children were found safe, and that there is a soccer mom running for office. I hear on the news that a television anchor is to become a mom.

I look for mothers. There is Mother Teresa, and I hear an Irish tenor singing Mother Machree. Looking ahead, I see only moms.

She is smiling so proudly at me. She thinks I’m admiring her. She has borne a child, and I wonder why she is unwilling to bear the gravitas of the word “mother.” I see the word and its concept is not in her lexicon. She is a mom, not a parent. She has not quite grown up and will resist doing so. She is a playmate of her children, their peer, and she will always be their “best friend.”

I ask myself if the Angel of Calcutta, when she was a novitiate, thought of herself as Mom Teresa. I ask if a man in search of a wife would consider a prospect in terms of how she would do as the mom of his children. I ask how soon it will be before we will shop for Mom’s Day cards, and how long it will be before we preserve our sourdough bread starters by keeping their moms in our refrigerators.

Will miners seek the mom load? Will the next war be the mom of all wars? Will Catholics pray to the Blessed Mom? Will nostalgic trips will be to the mom country? When we walk in the woods and come across cubs, will we keep our eyes out for mom bears?

She is still waiting for an acknowledgment. “That’s nice,” I say, but I’m thinking she’s doomed never to become a mother.

I keep my mouth shut. Mom’s the word.



Carbon Dividend Act is the way to go

We read with interest N.H. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s comments on combating climate change (“Ideas about energy power discussion,” May 4). While recognizing the importance of big hydroelectric, nuclear and wind projects to reduce carbon emissions, she underscored the importance of individual actions: “It’s what each of us can do as we think about energy use in our homes.”

Sen. Shaheen hit the nail on the head. As important as big business is to moving the needle on climate change, all of us will play a role if carbon emissions are to be reined in. But our individual choices to fly or not fly, drive a hybrid, buy an electric car, install solar panels, recycle or buy organic will not change the system that is pumping carbon into the atmosphere. Thankfully, there is something that will.

We have a common future, good or bad, and the science tells us that if we do little or nothing a bad future is almost upon us. We need to get everyone moving in the same direction, thinking about how we can each cut our expenses while cutting our emissions. A price on carbon, coupled with a carbon cash back program, is the way to go. Doesn’t matter whether the citizen or the legislator lives in New Hampshire, Vermont or Ohio — when our own pocketbooks are in play, we pay attention.

That’s why the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act will work: it offers a carrot and a stick. The stick is a fee that puts an increasing price on gas, coal and oil as they come out of the ground. The carrot? The cash back check that covers increased costs. It won’t take business or families long to figure out that the fewer carbon-based products they buy, the more they come out ahead. When everyone’s pocketbooks are in play, everyone starts moving in the same direction.

No complicated formulas or directives. People do what’s best for themselves — and the planet. Learn more at and then tell your lawmakers you want to do your part.



Main GOP platform is racism

While House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and former President Donald Trump attack Rep. Liz Cheney and Sen. Mitt Romney for telling the truth, they’re again right on target — using the acronym for Republicans In Name Only — and 180 degrees off message. The bulk of the Republicans are themselves RINO.

As Vanity Fair politics correspondent Bess Levin wrote last month, “the Republican Party has made abundantly clear over the last number of years (that) one of its main platforms is racism.” U.S. Reps. Louie Gohmert, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar tried to form the “America First Caucus” to promote “Anglo-Saxon traditions” — racism in ordinary English.

The Republicans who refused to convict Trump, tried to block the election and are attacking Cheney and Romney are Trumpsters. Their new values are loyalty to Trump, lies about the 2020 election and blatant racism. Let’s rename the RINOs as the Trumpsters they are.

They refuse to accept the lessons from the Georgia results: white folks have to share freedom and opportunities with millions of other U.S. citizens who also love this country.

Tell it like it is.


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