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Forum, May 6: A duty to protect each other

Published: 5/5/2021 10:00:05 PM
Modified: 5/5/2021 10:00:03 PM
A duty to protect each other

Those of us lucky enough to be living in the U.S. are moving to a vantage point from which we can view this pandemic from a distance. Slowly, we are seeing decreasing numbers of newly infected and dying Americans, even as we witness the horrific experience in India. After decades of basic scientific research, we can now be thankful for the protection of highly specific and safe vaccines.

Like those who lived through the polio epidemic and witnessed vaccines put an end to childhood paralysis, we have a historic opportunity to make COVID-19 a thing of the past, rather than our future.

The risks of COVID-19 to oneself, one’s family and our country’s health and prosperity are vastly greater than the risk of these vaccines. Talk with a health care clinician you trust to learn about this. Let’s answer the call of duty to protect each other.

We’re all in this together. Let’s get this done.



Asking the vaccine hesitant

To those among the 18% of people in New Hampshire who would “almost certainly” not get vaccinated (“J&J doses go unused in NH,” May 4) and who voted for Donald Trump, I would ask: Why do you think Trump got vaccinated in January?



Lessons to be learned

Regarding the alleged interstate kidnapping caper from Lebanon to White River Junction (“Woman accused of kidnapping, forcing drive to WRJ,” April 30), there are several lessons to be learned from this situation:

■ Never leave a loaded gun in your unlocked car.

■ Never leave your iPhone in an unlocked car.

■ Always check for strangers in the back seat before entering your car.


West Lebanon

A ridiculous argument for ridiculous guns

Who needs an AR-15? It is complicated. A Black person in the U.S. holding an AR-15 would be shot dead in an instant, and his shooter absolved of all blame.

An AR-15 is useless against tanks, missiles, nuclear weapons. It is so much more complicated. This absolutely ridiculous argument for absolutely ridiculous guns is asinine.

I commend the Valley News for printing the other view, but it is not an opinion. It is a false argument.

Look at the facts. Look at World War II. A stupid gun does not help in the face of tyranny. I believe Donald Trump was as close to Adolph Hitler as this country has ever gotten, and my AR-15 would be useless to stop his insanity.

Come on people. Get a grasp on reality.



A difference between leaders and dictators

Thanks to Forum contributor Helena Binder for her description of a dictator (“What a dictator really looks like,” April 29) in response to the letter from Jean Liepold (“President Joe Biden is acting like a dictator,” April 27).

One has only to look back upon the last few years to see a perfect example of a “wannabe” dictator. There is a difference between leadership and dictatorship. Perhaps some people have their politicians mixed up.



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