Forum, May 6: It’s time for us to make a change and save the future

Sunday, May 05, 2019
It’s time for us to make a change and save the future

Earth Day reminded us again that the bad news keeps coming.

Hurricanes, wildfires, drought, unpredictable rain and snow storms, more acidic oceans and rising sea levels are bringing more disease and more misery. Global warming is creating many shifts in growing regions and hastening the disappearance of animal species.

The Environmental Protection Agency recently published a 150-page report stating again that Americans need to start planning for climate change. The EPA director, Andrew Wheeler, stated at his confirmation hearings that climate change “is a huge issue that has to be addressed globally.”

Researchers have suggested that unless the United States slashes the use of fossil fuels, climate change will cost us billions of dollars annually by 2100.

Even today, with the emergence of renewables and the growing awareness of the importance of solar and wind energy, coal-fired power plants continue to fuel a significant percentage of global electricity demand.

The U.S. military, intelligence officials and the White House Office of Science and Technology are ringing alarm bells over the link between climate change and more severe wildfires, floods and storms.

The American Meteorological Society has compiled evidence that human-caused carbon emissions have contributed to record heat waves, drought, wildfires and intense storms.

Despair is not the answer. Many of the world’s religions and philosophies believe in some version of the Golden Rule: “Do to others what you would have them do to you.” This reminds us to sacrifice and act together for the common good.

What can you do? Educate yourself about the problem of fossil fuels. Write letters to your local newspaper, TV stations and local and state governments demanding action in reducing carbon emissions.

Help spread the word to your friends and colleagues. Support community efforts to increase solar, wind and water power. We can do this. It’s time to make a real change in what looks like a depressing future.

Will we save ourselves? It is up to you and all of us working together to make a new way forward now.



Why did story drag out old criticisms?

I could not agree more with your article regarding Dartmouth College women’s lacrosse, and what a great job the new coach, Danielle Spencer, has done (“Return to glory: Third-year coach has turned Big Green around,” May 3).

As the past head coach and athletic director at Dartmouth, I could not be happier for the program, the coach and team.

However, to focus any part of this article on dragging up and once again criticizing former lacrosse coach Amy Patton makes no sense and serves only to reveal a bias.

I am always mystified why people find it necessary to be critical of the past instead of focusing on the present and the future, particularly when the old adage “there are always two sides to any story” could not be truer.

In Amy Patton’s case, few of the actual facts are known and there are two distinct and very different opinions on what occurred.


White River Junction

Hate can’t shatter the truth

Hate doesn’t know us. It doesn’t know who we are, or our hopes and dreams. It only sees us as the groups it despises: races, ethnicities, the types of people we love and how we see ourselves. It rushes in and seeks to destroy us at the places we worship, go to school, go to work, or at bars or concerts.

Hate seeks to break us, to leave us cowering beneath our covers. But it cannot shatter the truth: There are millions of us for every one of its messengers. We are not going anywhere. And we will not be defeated.



Liars and the lying liars who elect them

I roared with laughter today when I heard House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accuse Attorney General William Barr of lying and thus suggesting he should be held in contempt of Congress. Our Congress is a joke. It is a bunch self-important caricatures who care more about the size of their wallets and the power of their titles than anything else.

Why weren’t Neel Kashkari and Hank Paulson held in contempt of Congress when they lied about recapitalization of the banks in 2008? Our president lies with stunning impunity and regularity. We elected him. Our Supreme Court is replete with liars, men who abuse and assault and harass and who lie under oath and who, without conscience, destroy others in order to make sure they secure their power.

There is no truth anymore, no moral compass in the United States. We are led by liars who have, of course, been elected by the same. Contempt of Congress. LOL!