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Forum, May 4: Federal health officials need to target risk

Published: 5/4/2021 10:49:15 AM
Modified: 5/4/2021 10:49:14 AM
Federal health officials need to target risk

In my humble opinion, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention need to come clean. Now that we have open enrollment for the COVID vaccine, they need to stop with the “should” and communicate risk reduction.

If you have been fully vaccinated, the risk of you getting or transmitting the virus and the variants is very “small” whether outside or indoors. How small for a particular individual, they don’t know exactly, but small.

If you haven’t been fully vaccinated, wearing a mask will “reduce” your risks of getting the virus or transmitting the virus until you are vaccinated. How much reduction for a particular individual, they don’t know exactly, but definitely reduced.

If you are not going to get the vaccine, what is your risk of getting the virus or transmitting the virus, we don’t know exactly; but if you get the virus you can have mild symptoms, moderate symptoms, be hospitalized, die or be a “long hauler.”

You choose, just like you choose whether or not to wear a helmet. We all need to balance our individual risks and live with the consequences, Unfortunately our individual choices oftentimes can affect others, such as transmitting the virus if we choose not to be vaccinated to someone else who for whatever the medical reason cannot get the vaccine.

Oh, the risk of dying from the vaccine is probably less than one in a million. Please choose wisely.



Traffic circles are a dizzy idea for White River Junction

I know a lot of people think those rotaries are the answer to the traffic problems on Sykes Mountain Avenue, but they are not. They are going to create more problems. It looks good on paper and pictures, but in reality you are making a mess out of traffic coming in and out of White River Junction. For cars and smaller traffic, especially bicycles, it might work, but it is going to be a big problem for trucks to get around with the cars and bikes and especially with a second rotary that close together.

Before these people involved in these ideas make decisions they should have to ride in a truck for a couple of weeks to see the messes that type of thing creates. This a waste of money. It could have been handled in a better way.



Keep Tunbridge trail safe from bicyclists

We live on Orchard Road in Tunbridge and would like to add our voices to those who are pleading to keep the trail connecting our road to the O’Brien property closed to all wheeled vehicles.

Orchard Road has become a very popular hiking place. We often see walkers (in groups or alone), joggers, families with children and horseback riders using the road, enjoying the peace and quiet and the beautiful views. We also like watching deer, foxes, turkeys and mink crossing our road. Occasionally, a bicyclist goes by. None of these activities detracts from the natural beauty of Orchard Road.

However, if the trail were opened to bicycles, thus creating a throughway for bikes, we fear that our road would be permanently changed, and not for the better. Groups of speeding bikers would constitute a danger to walkers and a disturbance for animals, both on Orchard Road and the continuing trail. Walking is already an endangered activity and we would hate to see it become even more so by making this peaceful area a thoroughfare for bicycles. We therefore respectfully urge the Tunbridge Selectboard to preserve things the way they are: Keep the trail open for walking and horseback riding, but do not allow bicycles on it.



Mascoma park committee deserves praise for its work

While the Enfield Village Association’s members were pleased to see the new pavilion at Mascoma Lakeside Park on the front page of the Valley News (“New Pavilion Rises in Enfield,” April 20), we want to give credit where credit is due.

The pavilion, and indeed the development of the entire park, are the work of the Mascoma Lakeside Park Committee. Formed at the request of the Enfield Selectboard, volunteers with the MLP Committee have worked tirelessly for eight years to raise funds through community donations, grants and in-kind donations of services to purchase, design and develop the property that has become the Mascoma Lakeside Park. The entire project, including the lovely pavilion, has been paid for by MLP fundraising efforts; no town funds have been used.

Although the Enfield Village Association fully supports the development of this valuable community resource, EVA’s participation in the project has been fairly modest.



The author is president of the Enfield Village Association board of directors.

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