Forum, May 21: To all our first responders: Thank you for your service

Published: 5/20/2020 10:00:12 PM
Modified: 5/20/2020 10:00:03 PM
To all our first responders: Thank you for your service

While our dedicated emergency medical service providers provide exceptional service 24/7/365, this week is National Emergency Medical Services week, and it is our opportunity as leaders and members of the community to tell them thank you.

As the chief of Lebanon Fire Department, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all that you do for the city of Lebanon, our residents and visitors. As you are all truly are on the “front line” of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to remember to keep yourselves safe and balance the demands of your profession. We are facing an unprecedented time, and I am encouraged and proud to say that all of you have been professional and dedicated to our mission and the community we serve.

Thank you for your time, the hundreds of hours of training you have undergone, your dedication, your caring, your compassion and your devotion to the people we serve. Thank you for taking time away from your families to keep our community safe, all day, every day. Thank you for comforting families, comforting the community, for risking your safety, and for your bravery. Most of all, thank you for your commitment. We appreciate that each of you is dedicated, caring and serves without the expectation of thanks.

Finally, we would like to encourage our residents and visitors to thank their emergency medical service providers.



Biden’s acts of kindness

It’s hard for me to think of former Vice President Joe Biden as having dementia when the current president can hardly be considered sane. Bipolar, probably, with delusions of grandeur and persecution, or crazy for suggesting the new coronavirus will magically disappear; if not, try ingesting disinfectants.

Many have written books and articles about President Donald Trump’s instability, his narcissism and his unfitness as a leader, his anger, his insecurities leading to bullying, and his inability to tell or distinguish truth. He appears unable to understand reality except as a TV show. He appears unable to empathize — all serious personality disorders.

I know Joe Biden. He has struggled with a stutter all his life. He is totally experienced and competent. He does not suffer from dementia. He is calm and normal. He is caring and compassionate. He is known for small acts of kindness, including mentoring my grandson on his stutter. Trump bullied a handicapped reporter. Let’s not do that to Joe Biden.


New London

Screaming protesters are endangering all Americans

The character of the supporters of President Donald Trump has been much in evidence lately during the so-called “Opening Up America” protests, where protesters draped in flags and military camouflage yell and scream directly in the face of security guards, police officers and legislators who are silently doing their jobs. Nazi and KKK symbols are displayed alongside the American flag, along with assault weapons and other repugnant, racist objects.

These “protesters,” who are endangering all Americans with their reckless behavior, have no real concept of what true repression by governmental leaders is. Little wonder that the United States is now an object of ridicule and pity from other democratic nations.

We’ve received similar abusive treatment as we work in our front yard — obscene hand gestures and obscenities yelled from open car windows — when some passersby spot our “Dump Trump” signs. So much for the American, and New England, ethos of respect for home and property, live and let live, and free expression of opinion.

None of this sad display of character is surprising, of course, given the uncouth modeling these American citizens receive from their dear leader in the White House.



Task force, or bobbleheads?

I just love watching President Donald Trump and his so-called COVID-19 task force on TV. Vice President Mike Pence and the rest stand behind Trump like puppy dogs, their heads bobbing while Trump tells his lies.

They remind me of the bobblehead dolls that are handed out at professional baseball games. When it’s their turn to answer a question, they look at Trump and praise him for two minutes so as not to get fired.

After the lying contest is over, they all bow and kiss Trump’s hand. Pence gets his special reward: a doggie bone. If they have no backbone to stand up against Trump, they should stay home under their beds. One coward on stage is enough.



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